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No the skin does not just "snap back" with excersize...

Anyone get a TT and lipo to remove saddlebags? My surgery is scheduled for September 20th. My PS had me scheduled for Aug 26 but wants to work with Dr. Xipoleas (was a fellow last year) as her attending doc, so my date was pushed to end of September while he waits for paperwork to go through... READ MORE

34B to 34DDD! :) Sientra Silicone Smooth Round HPs

Hi, Ive had a TT/Lipo. Now I'm ready for the BA. Feeling very good about my doc and am thrilled with what she's done for me so far. This would be the completion of my Mommy Makeover. I am a mom of two kids (ages 10 and 8 years old) and breast fed both but for a very short time. Still, the... READ MORE

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Do I need a breast lift with implants or can I just get implants? (photo)

Hi - I would like breast implants but do not know if I can pull of just implants or if I absolutely must get a lift. Can you please advise? Would really appreciate it. My... READ MORE

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Anyone here getting their TT on September 20th?

My doc offered me the 19th in the AM but i declined. READ MORE

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Hey girl! Yes that would be a huge risk and all surgeon related. Dr. Polavarapu did an amazing job. I have the large bewbs that I wanted (my implants are no joke..i went from original 265cc range to mid 300s, remember?!) and mine are... READ COMMENT

Awesome!! No one will find out unless you tell them! Most men are "boob guys" so if they are staring it is NOT bc they think you got a boob job. They are just ADORING. ;D they can't help it. READ COMMENT

Good luck. I hope that all turns out exactly as you hope! READ COMMENT

ValleyGirl94, You are so sweet! Thank you. I hope that you get your boobs done as soon as you possibly can. I am so happy that I did this. I actually never thought I would but the tummy tuck created a domino effect and I just wanted... READ COMMENT

Hi BurienBoobs! I have to say I don't even know that I have implants! I don't feel them. Maybe its because of the way my doctor put them in. Don't get cold feet or overthink it. Once you are fully healed - it will be amazing! READ COMMENT