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Generic Retinol A .05% for Wrinkles – Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I'm going to do a review on some generic Retinol, I wasn't sure it was real stuff or not but I am on day 4 for my face (not neck yet) and the flakes and redness and peeling are so bad that I had to not use it for day3 and day 5 (today). I'm doing this for wrinkles, and will put it on my... READ MORE

Lila Strawberry Laser Review - Has Anyone Actually Done It? Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I am considering the strawberry laser from LILA, but it's looking to be just another Zerona (probably scam) machine. Just wondering if anyone has used it before I plop down any money on it, esp. as I am starting to not trust any of these non-invasive machines (just had ultherapy done too,... READ MORE

Ultherapy Real Review No BS. Los Angeles, CA

Ok. I'm sorry for my tone but I've been thru the ringer on PS. First with lipo that left me scarred and lumps and holes in my body, and I'm basically not believing much anymore in all the "new technologies" that sound so great - but end up wasting our money. so yeah, I'm going to give an honest... READ MORE

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Thanks so much! I didn't know I have enough A in my skin. I keep meaning to update but I've been so busy. Im on and off with the retinol I use it when I can remember to and right now im happy with it READ COMMENT

For some reason my phone is not letting me update my review. I can only post commentS. I do have an update I guess I'll get on my computer when I can Because I'm hoping someone else went through this and there is some advice for me READ COMMENT

Yikers! Ok :-) thanks! READ COMMENT

Thanks, I'm about to get zoom so I was worried about the pain everyone is reporting. I bought a groupon for it today. Did they tell you how long the teeth will stay that white? i have one fake tooth in the front and want to keep all my... READ COMMENT

I didn't know that ! well if so I will try to move up thru retinol then head toward retin a :-) right now, I'm like OMG, OMG.... ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT