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Hoping for Healing After Fraxel Restore Treatment

I had Fraxel Restore about 6 weeks ago with a board certified plastic surgeon. I'll be staight with you. I have terrible skin. Enlarged pores on my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, bad texture and discoloration from sun damage and and unhealthy lifestyle. During my first pregnancy I... READ MORE

Questions from Janey44

New Dentist Says Replacing Silver with Composite will Increase Chance of Root Canal, is This True?

My old dentist put metal fillings in teeth that are visible (the ones behind the bicuspids on both sides). You can see the metal through the sides if the teeth and in the space... READ MORE

Fraxel 1 Day PO, Noticed What Appeared to Be a Very Small Bright Red Broken Blood Vessel on my Nose, Is This Permanent?

Fraxel restore done yesterday. 34 year old woman with light indented surgical and ice pick scaring of the nose. Doctor said the laser was on a high setting to address scaring.... READ MORE

Sun Exposure After Fraxel?

I had fraxel restore on my nose for some surgical scars two days ago. I'd like to take my kids apple picking in about two weeks. If I wear a strong sunblock and hat will this... READ MORE

Worried About Broken Capillaries After Fraxel?

I am on day 6 after fraxel and on I still have a red area of what appears to be broken blood vessels at the top of my nose. I also have a patch of scaly darker skin next to it.... READ MORE

Dental X-ray Ok After Fraxel?

I need to get a dental x-ray 3 weeks post fraxel restore treatment. I have had a basal cell removed in this area before and I don't want to put my self at increased risk for a... READ MORE

Was not advised on proper after care post fraxel restore?

After my fraxel restore I was advised to use moisturizer and sunblock. When I asked what kind of moisturizer they said anything without minerals was ok. I used a mild facial... READ MORE

After Fraxel Restore I was advised to use Vitamin C&E serum by Skinceuticles. Could this have contributed to my poor outcome?

I had fraxel restore 9 months ago with a very bad outcome including pin prick laser marks and a scarred looking orange peel texture. I was advised to begin using the vitamin... READ MORE

Ice pick scar between eyes. What are my options for treatment? (Photo)

I have an ice pick scar between my eyes. What are my options for treatment? A doc I consulted recently suggested TCA cross. He said it's too small to treat with punch excision... READ MORE

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How did your consult go with Dr. schwartz? READ COMMENT

So sorry this happened to you. It's something I'm living with too. What did your dermatologist say? Did she give you any explanation or try to help? READ COMMENT

Remember it's one day and you can get through it. I can see your damage because I know what to look for but to others it's not as noticeable. With some good make up you'll look a lot better. Don't let it ruin your life. I know it... READ COMMENT

Yes, very small improvements over time. You also get used to seeing it, and get better at covering it. I read your review and I feel your pain so clearly. The anger, the depression. We all feel it. All I can say is settle in and... READ COMMENT

Thanks I will when I'm ready to do it. I need to get sick time saved up (as well as $$$). Should be ready in a few years. READ COMMENT