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Ghonolulu please read my responses below. If you can find any attorney willing to fight Merz in a class action suit let us all know. I have not been able to. READ COMMENT

Detts, please read my comments above to Viniana. Your reaction sounds more like an immune response than an allergy and I would suspect the Radiesse to be the culprit rather than the Juvederm. Your reactions sound a lot like mine. Join... READ COMMENT

Viniana, I also had a systemic immune response to the Radiesse and I was not an allergic person at all before the Radiesse.I am a registered nurse and I know I had no occluding of blood vessels. I have had almost 3 years of extreme... READ COMMENT

Don't just call, go online at the FDA site and fill out a Medwatch 3500. That is an official record and they can't ignore the mounting numbers of people having problems with Radiesse. Also call Merz aesthetics and complain. Of course... READ COMMENT

Something, perhaps the Radiesse or perhaps the carrier did not dissipate by 3 months. It was still causing acute reactions for almost 2 years. Then the reactions became less frequent and did not involve the whole body. It's been almost... READ COMMENT