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Almost 3 painful and expensive years. I had an immune reaction not an allergy. Although they are similar in appearance they are not the same. Mine was life threatening because I couldn't breathe. READ COMMENT

The time limit is 3 years in Maryland. I don't know whether it's different in your state or not. Did you ever file a Medwatch 3500 with the FDA? It takes only a few minutes to tell them about yuor reaction. If enough people do it they... READ COMMENT

Oh that may be very useful information for us. Lawyers don't want to take on a pharmaceutical company since they have big guns. I can accept that but I think we need to make enough noise to the FDA to get them to look into it. I am a... READ COMMENT

I remain unconvinced that radiesse is not the culprit that triggered your sarcoidosis. I have seen 23 doctors in the area and NIH undiagnosed disease program finally referred me to Cleveland Clinic as they were so backed up with cases... READ COMMENT

I too have had an ongoing very serious issue with Radiesse which caused whole body angioedema (very deep tissue swelling), breathing problems and considerable pain. Anyone experiencing an adverse reaction to this product please reply to... READ COMMENT