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Botox caused me PERMANENT damage. I had reconstructive surgery to repair wasted botox muscles. Does my healing look ok? (photo)

17 months ago, at age 28, I made the biggest mistake of my life: 21 units of Botox in my forehead. I did NOT have filler or get "fake" Botox. U of M oculoplastic surgeon wrote... READ MORE

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Did your doctors ever do the "tear test" with the little strips of paper they stick in your eye? My eyes have been SO dry, but according to the paper test thingie, they were producing tears normally. But my eyes constantly felt like... READ COMMENT

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope it was helpful in some way! I had injections for my forehead wrinkles and in my glabella - just 21 total. I was told this is a fairly small dose, but it seeped into my eye muscles. It's still... READ COMMENT

I was only there to be treated for forehead lines as I didn't have 11's. This injector talked me into my glabella area, saying it would "lift" and "open" my eyes. I had a total of 21 units in all between the forehead and glabella. I had... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the very helpful comments, Jade. You are so thoughtful. It's been really difficult to see lately, so I've been bummed. We thought surgery might help restore some vision. Apparently, the scar tissue and lax muscles were... READ COMMENT

I am so glad that you found this first!! From what my doctor told me, older patients ARE more likely to experience these types of side effects because the muscles are already experiencing age related atrophy. Doctors are VERY unethical... READ COMMENT