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2.5 months fat necrosis help salama doll

I have been wanting this procedure for about 4 years now!!!!! My ass when i worked out had bottom booty but no sides. and very little projection. I worked out so hard ladies you have no idea. Honesty section: WORKING OUT DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK. If you have a little ass thats your ass, working... READ MORE

Questions from Cosmeticjourney

Vampire Facelift or Facial Filler After Weight Loss? (photo)

I lost about 20 lbs of fat and although my body is athletic and fit my face looks very tired and i have lost volume in my cheek specifically my upper cheeks. Many have stated i... READ MORE

Will This Be a Major Surgery Breast Revision? (photo)

I have 360cc saline implants 1 yr ago. As you can see my right breast is farther out and sits lower than my left which is not as soft and sits a bit higher. The only thing i... READ MORE

What Is The Ideal Lipo for Very Athletic Toned Thin Woman? (photo)

I exercise 5x a week do cardio high protein diet etc. the only time I has chiseled abs was when I was 100lbs extremely skinny and I would feel like fainting and my face looked... READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Make It Impossible to Workout?

I will have intramuscular butt implants 330cc next year. my only concern is that the implants will make it impossible to do lunges and squats around 70 lbs. I do many lower... READ MORE

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I gained like 3 lbs lol all went to my ass. My butt got bigger and fluffier :) so 5 lbs want harm u. 20 lbs... I wouldn't do it. Fat arms and a fat face is not very attractive. READ COMMENT

I think you look REALLY good tho Hun but I completely understand getting a round 2. In the contract they make u sign at salama it says something about revisions being 1500 or something. Unless u want a full round 2...? 10% off 9000 is... READ COMMENT

Hi Hun. I like your revision. Umm I noticed you have two burns on your flanks. Are you okay? Did it clear up? You look great :) READ COMMENT

I know girls personally who has had hydrogel injected. It looks pretty good tho no lie however I don't know the long term effect. That's what stopped me from getting it bc I'm scared in 15 years my ass will rot or something you know. ... READ COMMENT

I'll be getting round 2 may. I want bigger hips. And this fat arms lipo. Bbl girls start to look like linebackers sometimes lol remember you can always do round 2. Also some chicks put in hydrogel silicon etc. those girl will put cement... READ COMMENT