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Can A Lower Lip VY Be Reversed?

I had a lower lip VY and the PS did such an aggressive surgery that now there is a central dip in my lip (lower lip shaped like a C) so now at rest you can see lower teeth and... READ MORE

Can You Rebuild Cartilage Under Nose After Liplift? Will Numbness Go Away?

After my liplift the elevated areas of cartilage under my nose were cut away. Now I have bigger holes than before. I hate how it looks. Plus I am still numb on that area and I... READ MORE

Deep Plane Facelift Question. Why Do Some Doctors Do a Deep Plane Face-Lift vs A SMAS?

Why do some doctors do a deep plane face-lift vs a SMAS. From looking at pictures, it looks to me as if the deep plane works best for the jowl and neck area. Most pictures that... READ MORE

After MY Lip Lift, I ended up with Long Upper Lip and Hanging Lower Lip, Can I be helped? (photo)

After a muscle hemming liplift, my upper lip now hangs lower than before the lip lift. My upper lip hangs below my bottom teeth. At the same time I had a lower VY. Now my lower... READ MORE