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The Beginning of a New Me... – Bellevue, WA

I go in this morning for a full avelar tummy tuck with micro contouring of upper, mid, lower abs, bra back flanks and hips, I have many before pics and will post them sometime during post op. I have two teens, am 46, 5" 3 and 155 lbs Pre-op. my goal is to be down 2 sizes post op and after my... READ MORE

Continued Improvements -- Part II - Athenix

This Is a review on the 2nd of two surgeries I've scheduled. This is for implants and making my thighs match the rest of me. I will have saline implants under muscle, transaxillary incision. 36B to be full 36D with natural look. I am getting water lipo of inner & outer thigh and knees to... READ MORE

Questions from AnasScott

Is my Compression Garment Too Tight? (photo)

I am 5 days post op from a full tummy tuck and lipo on abs, back, flank, and hips. Attached are photos as I was getting ready to shower. READ MORE

Hematoma After TT; I Think It's Getting Worse. Please Help.should I Continue to Wait It out or Try to Get It Aspirated?

I had a full avelar TT with water lipo of abs, bra area, flanks and hips on 8/14, I had a follow-up with my PS at 1 day post op and 8 day post op. I am now coming on 13 days... READ MORE

Worse Swelling, Hardness, and Bruising 13 Days Post Op FTT and Water Lipo?

I am 13 days post op full tummy tuck Avelar procedure with abs, flanks, back and hip lipo. Since day 3 I have had full abdomen tightness, hardness and swelling in both upper... READ MORE

My Dr Thinks I Have Hematoma After FTT Avelar No Drains with? (photo)

FTT avelar no drains with water lipo abs, back, flanks, and hips. I am 5'3"", 46 yo, 155 pre op and now 154.6 Post op. I am 13 days PO,. I saw my Dr at 1 day post and 8 days... READ MORE

What is the best revision method given my BA issues? (photos)

I had my BA 5 months ago with saline 550cc HP with 530 right and 594 Left due to asymmetry in natural breasts with incision through the armpit. I definitely have animation... READ MORE

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Hi Evna, so sorry to hear that you are disappointed in your BA results. I was worried about the double bubble as I had that issue early on but it resolved itself but kept on going. READ COMMENT

I haven't had my revision yet. I am so torn. The cost for the revision surgery to fix the bottoming out (including skin grafting) is $8,000. He has recommended reduction in size to 400-450cc and swapping to silicone from saline. He... READ COMMENT

I was moving around and felt pretty normal and standing up straight around 4 weeks. I still would have swelling off and on throughout the day. I would say that that was pretty much gone at around 6 months. Yes, I would totally do it... READ COMMENT

Excellent post and I agree while heartedly with you. I researched a ton and still have complications. I want devastated when the complications happened but my life has been a bit on hold because of it. READ COMMENT

With TT there is a lot of swelling often, so if you think you will be swimsuit ready by July, be sure to have surgery really soon. Otherwise, I found having my TT done in the fall gave me the winter to swell and cover. That said, you... READ COMMENT