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Update, 10 months post mastopexy before and after *So happy

Doctors think my body type can handle 600cc! I'm tall and broad chested but I don't think that is right for me although i don't have any breast tissue left. Im athletic and where mostly t shirts. I'm also requesting smaller nipples, which are on the higher side, anyone have suggestions? Surgery... READ MORE

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YES! I got a bowel blockage 2 weeks post after all the pain meds, then I got the stomach flu and then the weekend after that diarrhea. I'm a nurse and I think I'm catching everything my patients have even though I am so so careful. I... READ COMMENT

Newgelplus.com READ COMMENT

My doctor recomended NewGel scar management silicone strips. I've had a few other people recommend them. As a nurse who has worked for a surgeon ~ they will recomend whatever drug rep is bribing them the best ~ so all though he may have... READ COMMENT

Side note - we advise our patients to eat a high protein diet because protein is a huge factor in wound healing, and of course increasing your fluid intake. Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces a day. Apply a barrier cream like a zinc oxide... READ COMMENT

Yes peroxide kills bacteria however it also kills healthy cells which are trying to grow tissue. The key to wound healing is keeping the wound moist and skin around dry. Applying bacitracin 2x day and covering is good for maybe a week... READ COMMENT