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TT, MR, lipo all DONE...20 months Post op!

Hello Everyone, I've been obsessively looking at this site for the last 2 weeks as I make my decision. I finally made my decision , and pinned down a date!! I am now both extremely excited and extremely anxious!! I swing between extreme guilt at spending so much money on myself and fear of... READ MORE

Permanent Lipstick is Awesome! - San Jose, CA

Hi, I had permanent lipstick done last month and decided to write a review. I am so happy I did this but still waiting for the pigment to lighten. I am posting my pics by date order so you can see the changes over time. I have been wanting to get permanent lipstick for a long time now and... READ MORE

Questions from NevertooLate2014newme

Why Are There Opposing Answers Regarding Having a Tummy Tuck and Fat Graft Combo Operation?

It appears about a 50-50 split of doctors saying not to do it and others saying its ok to do it. Which is which? I do understand why they say it doesn't make sense becuase of... READ MORE

How Does a Surgeon Know Where to Cut the Hole for the Belly Button?

Meaning, the upper part of the abdomen will be pulled downward so how would they determine where to make the incision on this section of the skin to pull the bb through? READ MORE

Will this crease above my bb disappear? How long before it flattens out? (photo)

This is day 10 post op and I'm freaking out about this crease above my belly button. Doc says it will go away in time, will it? And what causes this? READ MORE

TT scar therapy- what brand of silicone sheets/gel do you recommend? (Photo)

Do you believe they really work or will scars heal a certain way regardless of what you put on it? I am 10 weeks post op and my scar has gotten redder and I hear that at some... READ MORE

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Hey there BBNM!! As always, I get BB and scar envy when I see yours :) My scar is still hypertrophic in the middle but had some steroid shots to the BB to soften the scar in the hopes to make it less slitty. I will post pics soon on... READ COMMENT

Hi Amy!!! great to hear your latest post! as always - you look even more FABULOUS!! Your advice is right on the money . Cheers to us who are at 2 years ( I will be on 12/9/2015)!! READ COMMENT

Good morning BBNM! I am sure the hypertophic scar is because there was too much tension. I think the more conservative approach would have been a small vertical scar. however, I recall right before surgery , i said make it as low... READ COMMENT

Good luck and hope you resolve your itching! my hypertrophic scars itch occasionally too but it's not driging me crazy :) I am thinking of scar revision tho.. READ COMMENT