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Hi krolik77, I hope all is going well for you. Has your vision and dryness level improved over the last couple of months? And are you still using eye drops/artificial tears? Please keep us updated whenever you have time. Thank you. :) READ COMMENT

I agree with you 100% READ COMMENT

PRK is usually a slower healing process than Lasik, according to what i have researched, but the outcomes supposedly come out much better and it is a safer procedure. At the end, was it worth it and how is your vision now? Hope to see... READ COMMENT

Te miras maravillosa Amon. Dios esta contigo. Queria saber como sigues y si tienes nuevos fotos de tu nariz? Dijo el que te habias hecho 2 cirugĂ­as anteriormente; Es verdad? Ps: Te miras muy bien. :) READ COMMENT

Can post before pics please. It would be very helpful READ COMMENT