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Juviderm Ugliness - West Palm Beach, FL

I have to say Juviderm can be a very nice thing as long as the doctor injecting knows how to place it. I was left with a crooked smile and bulges that did not belong. Hyaluranidase did not work as well as expected after a few attempts to reduce the fill. It has been a very long 2 months and I... READ MORE

Vitrase Swelling - West Palm Beach, FL

I have received 2 full syringes full of vitrase to help reduce juviderm from my cheeks and sides of my mouth. it did not reduce it to the extent that I would like but I will not go back for more. I have experienced very bad swelling in those specific areas from the vitrase. it has been over a... READ MORE

Questions from melmiegs

What can I do to help eliminate Vitrase from my body?

I think I have had too much vitrase inserted to reduce my juviderm effect. I have much swelling at times and hot flashes and chills and it has been almost 2 months since I have... READ MORE

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Sounds like they may have gone too deep with the product READ COMMENT

Going to see dermatologist this week as I am very fearful the Vitrase might be burning up my own collagen. I had quite a bit put in. I really hope there is some kind of remedy to stop the burning and tingling and swelling sensations. It... READ COMMENT

I had what the first doctor called Hyaluranidase first with no problem at all. Another doctor injected Vitrase for reason too complicated to explain, gave different rection and actual side effects. I am still having sweaty hot and cold... READ COMMENT

Your welcome. I would definitely stay away from the vitrase under the eyes being that the area is so small and delicate, but at the same time I would try hyaluranidase because being unhappy for 1-2 years will be brutal. It has been 4... READ COMMENT

I have found out that there are different types of Vitrase/Hyaluranidase. I did not have a reaction at all to what I was told was hyaluranidase. it actually dissolved some of the Juviderm above my mouth and in the cheek area , but... READ COMMENT