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Hi, Can a Very Skinny Patient Get Butt Inplants? (photo)

I'm 5' 95lbs and if  So What Size Would You Recommend?  First photo is the look I want what would that look be called ? How much would it cost? Could I get Brazilian... READ MORE

Looking for doctors in LA or OC area who specialize in doing butt implants? (photo)

Hi everyone, Ok so I'm getting surgery in late January early February my husband is buying himself a new gift ha ha well me too! So I need some help in finding a doctor that... READ MORE

Is it SAFE to get butt implants in Mexico?

How can I find out if the doctor Is actually a member of the board of plastic surgery? Is it safe? I need help on what exactly to look for to be 109% SAFE AND HAPPY WITH... READ MORE

Can I achieve the looks of my wish pic? Will 200cc implants really make a difference on me? (photo)

By the looks of my butt does it look like I can achieve wish pic?And what size would you guess her implants are? I was told by (picture view) the biggest I can go is 200cc.... READ MORE

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Any Suggestions for Doctors in BRAZIL ? I Heard the Doctors over There Have the Most Experience with This Type of Procedure?

Hey babes!Ok so I really wanted to go with doctor duran but the things people are telling me are literally freaking me out I had my mind set on her until I started hearing all... READ MORE

Hey girls! I'm interested in going with dr campos his work looks AMAZING and he's not that far from home! BUT I've read many

Hey girls! I'm interested in going with dr campos his work looks AMAZING and he's not that far from home! BUT I've read many reviews saying Angie over charges and so on and so... READ MORE

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How is this his fault!? This is YOUR SKIN quality!!!! He has no control over it! I can't believe you would give a doctor bad reviews cause you got stretch marks pretty pathetic please don't have kids! READ COMMENT

Does dr duran or yily do butt implants cause I can't find any work everything is bbl which I'm way to skinny and have no fat so implants are my only options? READ COMMENT

Does anyone know if yily performs BUTT IMPLANTS? READ COMMENT

Hi how do I get in contact with yily? READ COMMENT

Ok so FIRST congrats on what seems to be the hardest part finding the right doc! Clap clap! Now I have a question your the FIRST I read that is getting round implants which I want! BUT every doc recommends oval but I don't like the... READ COMMENT