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Hi, everyone. Although I have replied to several people's reviews, I've yet to post my own. I guess now is as good a time as any. I'm a mom of several children (more than 6) and you probably know that my bod is jacked! Thought about doing this several years ago, but it was out of my reach,... READ MORE

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What is "Considered Healthy Enough" to Have Cosmetic Surgery?

I want to have a tt, bbl, and bl. I am 5'8" and currently weight 210 lbs. Down from 235. I am still in the process of losing weight. Currently my iron level is 16.64, my... READ MORE

I Dont Want Silicone Implants, is It Safe to Inject my Own Fat into my Breasts at the Same Time when Getting a Lift?

I am considering TT, BBL and BL. I wanted my breasts to have a more fuller look with the lift, but i do no want implants of any kind. Therefore i was thinking that if fat can... READ MORE

Why is cosmetic surgery in the U.S. so expensive?

I read so many comments from U.S. Drs. regarding medical tourism and how it is such a bad idea to travel abroad to have surgery and it may or may not be true. However, my... READ MORE

Is the lump in the back of your knees, fat or fluid? If it is fat, can it be lipo'ed?

Hi, I have 2 lumps in the back of my knees, that I have been told were pockets of fluid called "baker's cysts". However, after being put on diuretics for fluid retention, they... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op Tummy Tuck, I ended up having a seroma and a hematoma. Would a revision help? (photos)

It was drained surgically. however a month later it has returned and is back to being cumbersome and heavy. Do you think I need a revision to possibly get all of the... READ MORE

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Yeah, they do do things differently in States. You didn't find that the massages they do in DR caused more pain and slower tissue healing? I fact my back still feels like I fell down and skinned my back.....but I guess we all... READ COMMENT

Absolutely! Just remember positive thinking brings about positive results! Will look for your update on monday. Try and enjoy the rest of your weekend! READ COMMENT

I hope it's favorable to you. And even if she THINKS you were using smaller size women as your wish pic doesn't matter, because fat grafting your bottom using any proportion size women's pic would have shaped your butt better than... READ COMMENT

Now that you are standing up and your entire backside is in full view, I would have to agree with you. However, when you were laying on your side, it really looked round and plump! what is your doctor's "return" policy, so to speak.... READ COMMENT

Hey hope all is well: congratulations~ and just a friendly fyi, lymphatic massages, at least the REAL ones, ARE relaxing, and are very light touches with fluid being aided towards our lymph nodes for proper drainage. (groin area, armpit... READ COMMENT