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Hi, everyone. Although I have replied to several people's reviews, I've yet to post my own. I guess now is as good a time as any. I'm a mom of several children (more than 6) and you probably know that my bod is jacked! Thought about doing this several years ago, but it was out of my reach,... READ MORE

Part II - Revision with Dr. Lima - February 20, 2014 - Dominican Republic

I was told I needed to start 2nd review to get on the calendar. But will update: Had sx with Dr. Lima in DR. TT, BL no/implants, full body lipo including chin lipo and BBL. Surgery went well, however, upon my return back to the states, I ended up with a seroma and a hematoma. Had a mini... READ MORE

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What is "Considered Healthy Enough" to Have Cosmetic Surgery?

I want to have a tt, bbl, and bl. I am 5'8" and currently weight 210 lbs. Down from 235. I am still in the process of losing weight. Currently my iron level is 16.64, my... READ MORE

I Dont Want Silicone Implants, is It Safe to Inject my Own Fat into my Breasts at the Same Time when Getting a Lift?

I am considering TT, BBL and BL. I wanted my breasts to have a more fuller look with the lift, but i do no want implants of any kind. Therefore i was thinking that if fat can... READ MORE

Why is cosmetic surgery in the U.S. so expensive?

I read so many comments from U.S. Drs. regarding medical tourism and how it is such a bad idea to travel abroad to have surgery and it may or may not be true. However, my... READ MORE

Is the lump in the back of your knees, fat or fluid? If it is fat, can it be lipo'ed?

Hi, I have 2 lumps in the back of my knees, that I have been told were pockets of fluid called "baker's cysts". However, after being put on diuretics for fluid retention, they... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op Tummy Tuck, I ended up having a seroma and a hematoma. Would a revision help? (photos)

It was drained surgically. however a month later it has returned and is back to being cumbersome and heavy. Do you think I need a revision to possibly get all of the... READ MORE

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I've heard that Dr. Diaz is a great surgeon. JennBerryJuice has great results and will be going back to him for Round 2 as well. Can't wait to see your pics when you are totally healed and recovered. READ COMMENT

It absolutely is. That was one of the first things that he said when I got my original quote, that his surgery is 100% guaranteed. I soon as Xmas comes and goes, it will be February! I can't wait!!! Not looking forward to the... READ COMMENT

Congratulations! Best wishes with your journey! Yily actually has been giving big butts and small waists lately. You might want to reconsider her. Look at Kake1231. Duran is great as well. But I'm sure you will choose the dr. that's... READ COMMENT

Hey Kirsty Yes, he is going to remove the hematoma, redo the TT, lipo to my arms(was to be included in the first sx, but as a precaution his assistant decided not to do it) and will redo the BBL. All will be done free of charge! :) READ COMMENT

Amen, Amen, Amen! Enuff said! READ COMMENT