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Male Tummy Tuck -Medford, OR

Lots of skin, making it hard to run, or sleep without feeling like I had a towel wrapped up in a ball under me all night!! So, after losing over 40 inches on my waist (from a 76 inch waist to a 34), and 265 lbs, it was time since I had stabilized at around 170 for the last 6 months.I did use... READ MORE

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From 440 to 170 in 4 Years- Lots of Loose Skin Everywhere! How Should I Start with Getting it Removed?

In 2009 I weight 440. I had drop about 70 thru diet. March 2012 had sleeve (377 on surgery date). down to 170, and have stabilized. I look like a loose bag of skin. Belly,lower... READ MORE

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Hey, saw ur post, and not sure how you feel about the by-pass, but If I was you, I'd go back to your insurance company and appeal their decision. The sleeve , imo, is a much more user friendly process. Of course, I'm biased.. BUT,... READ COMMENT

Lol...I just left the Cinncy area- outside of Hillsboro about a 1 1/2 ago. Liked Cinncy, but once out of the metro area, it was a little to "southern rural" for me (its just not my cup of tea). Sounds like you were Army- Ft Drum?? And... READ COMMENT

Some day I will look at what I did and say _ wow, what a great job- but in all honesty, I actually don't tell most people. I don't lie if asked, I do tell them, but inside myself I just look at the weight loss as THE CORRECTION to the... READ COMMENT

As a former upstate NY person, I GET the need for insulation :) but now the subject at hand! As bad as it sounds- its time to be a "little" selfish! Fix yourself first- everything else will follow- and don't fear the future, it is what... READ COMMENT

Hey mike. choice to go w dr k was mostly due to a friend who works in the hospital in GP, and Dr K had/has a really great rep amongst the people who work in that area. The 8k was everything. Not sure how pricing works, might be based on... READ COMMENT