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Male Tummy Tuck -Medford, OR

Lots of skin, making it hard to run, or sleep without feeling like I had a towel wrapped up in a ball under me all night!! So, after losing over 40 inches on my waist (from a 76 inch waist to a 34), and 265 lbs, it was time since I had stabilized at around 170 for the last 6 months.I did use... READ MORE

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From 440 to 170 in 4 Years- Lots of Loose Skin Everywhere! How Should I Start with Getting it Removed?

In 2009 I weight 440. I had drop about 70 thru diet. March 2012 had sleeve (377 on surgery date). down to 170, and have stabilized. I look like a loose bag of skin. Belly,lower... READ MORE

I had the Gastric Sleeve April 2012. Any known issues with severe and sudden pain in the lower abdominal area?

At first, it was very random, and seem to be caused by rich foods (example- out running stopped at a store to get a drink- don't do sugar , no diet drinks at all, so took ONE... READ MORE

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Sounds like all is going as planned! Doing great, and stay at it. BTW- if u aren't already, get out and walk/move some each day. Believe me when I say it will help ur recovery from the surgery faster, and give u a "sling-shot" effect... READ COMMENT

Ju-Ju has been ordered up, and will be available for use when needed:) READ COMMENT

FYI- when I started this journey, I was able to lose 50+ pounds prior to the operation, and ALMOST backed out since I was able to lose the 50 the "old fashion way"! I had discussed w/ my wife just staying the course, working out, and... READ COMMENT

First- Your ready for this- always remember that!! Second- you ARE going to have small set backs.! When we are nice to ourselves, we call them "set backs", but they are nothing more than our old selves creeping back up, trying to take... READ COMMENT

Temira- I was WEAK for about 3 months post op. It was my body adjusting to its new "intake". It was like I'd be ok, then zip. zero energy! To the point I'd have to lay down/sit down, else I'd fall over!! Its VERY important you stay... READ COMMENT