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My Breast Implant Removal Journey - United Kingdom, GB

I have had implants 20 years ago and to be honest I have been very happy with the look that they gave me;feminine and womanly... Recently I felt pain in my left breast like an aching and so having booked into the NHS local hospital, was told I had capsule contraction in the left boob. I was told... READ MORE

Questions from msprincess

An Ultrasound confirms a rupture and a couple of months later a MRI shows NO rupture? Why is this?? (photo)

I originally noticed hardening to the left boob. An ultrasound shows silicon leaking out and rippling to the outer edge of the implant. Although my boob has changed between... READ MORE

Do I need a full capsule removal? What's calcification? Does a physical exam or MRI show calcification if it's present? (photo)

MRI shows no rupture of 20 yr old silicon implants. Both boobs are soft to touch but L boob has slight CC (almost undetectable to the naked eye) and if pressed hard boob is... READ MORE

Can I downsize my implants without a breast uplift? (Photo)

I have 260cc implants, low profile overs with slight CC in one breast. Is it possible to have implants removed and replaced with smaller implants; I was thinking of 230cc, but... READ MORE

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Help!! I just don't know what to do

I have had my implants for 20 yrs. I now have CC. I don't know whether to remove and then will have no more surgeries. Also I am in the higher risk category for breast cancer,... READ MORE

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My surgeon told me I could have the implants removed and wait a year and then possibly have smaller ones when the pockets from the old implants had healed. Alternatively I could just have replacement immediately. He told me at the... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry you had breast cancer. I hope you have that beaten. It's good to lift our spirits with something we want like a tummy tuck but I wish it had been the result you were hoping for. These surgeons should have to give a refund... READ COMMENT

...tell me about it. I've been going round in circles like a headless chicken for almost two years. At first I could not understand why some women on here seemed to take so long to make a decision. With CC and possible rupture I thought... READ COMMENT are've done the hard bit now just enjoy the rest and put your feet up. You've earn't it. Trust me I can't even make a simple decision and there you are out the other end lol. I am in awe. Get well wishes coming... READ COMMENT

...hey there LauraCroft... read my story as you sound just like me, I totally love my boobs too....totally. That's why I am finding it so difficult. I have CC in my boobs and that sounds just like what you have. Remove or replace?... READ COMMENT