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My TT Journey (Still on It) with Necrosis, Debridement, Holes & a Wound Vac! - Temecula, CA

This has to have been the scariest surgery for me, why.... cause I chose to have it! Thank goodness for the valium the night before, otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have slept a wink. My surgery was scheduled first thing in the morning, yay, so I wouldn't have all day to be scared, anxious,... READ MORE

Questions from CaliKat

I Had a TT (7 Weeks PO) Where Nearly 12 Lbs Was Removed and I Developed Necrosis?

My PS had me use a cream to lift the dead black tissue up & off. She said it was good because it wasn't that deep although I did have a small hole on my left side at the... READ MORE

Necrosis: When Would You Treat It & How Would You Treat It? (photo)

I would like to know, judging by the pics attached with dates, when would you have treated the necrosis and what would you have done to treat it? READ MORE

2nd drain removed at day 43 post op & no showers until day 52 days! Is this common? (photo)

Is this common? Could the drains have cause an infection leading to necrosis? Both drains were painful to be removed but the 2nd one was definitely more painful. Also, the 2nd... READ MORE

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Record for having drains in post TT

I'm at day 42 (yah, that's 6 weeks!) with one drain remaining.  The output seems really high 64-109 within 24 hours (especially high while I sleep). It was a BIG TT... READ MORE

On camera audition for the E! t.v. show Botched!

I contacted the E! t.v. show Botched about my TT / apron surgery gone bad.  At first I received a regular blanket email back but then I received a call and an invitation... READ MORE

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How exciting for you! I'm looking forward to being where you are (again cause it would be a revision to my botched TT) on the road to healing! READ COMMENT

Glad that everything has turned out great. Looking forward to seeing your results! READ COMMENT

Thank you. If I could say just one thing that I've learned, it would be to take pics. When you see a wound often you're less likely to see the changes it's making but the proof is truely in the pics, you will see the progression there. READ COMMENT

My poor family has been on this roller coaster with me... I'm sure they're ready for the ride to be over too! lol My son just keeps saying, "I hope you get your belly button back mommy". lol READ COMMENT

Thank you, will do! I always love reading your words of wisdom. :) READ COMMENT