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Roller coaster. Help!

Scheduled pre op appt for August 5th. Surgery schedules for August 26. Full tummy tuck and some lipo; losing 90 pounds wasnt enough to smooth alllll of this out ;) Worried about taking care if my family post op and keeping my surgery secret. So many in my family would be very negative, I... READ MORE

Breast Lift Post 90 Pound Weight Loss - Kalamazoo, MI

Just wanted to post before and afters of my breast lift. I found this forum very helpful before and after I had my surgeries so I wanted to share my own pics. My kids are 7 and 9. I lost about 90 Pounds about 4-5 years after my last child was born. My breasts had been huge and now were... READ MORE

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Pain After Breast Lift. 7 Months Out. Is This Normal?

I had a breast lift with implants 7 months ago. My breasts are still consistently sore and tender. They feel slightly bruised when squeezed. They are also very sensitive. Is... READ MORE

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Hi ladies!   Im 34 years old.  Have lost about 90 pounds since having my last child 7 years ago.  I had a breast lift with saline implants about five months ago.... READ MORE

Recliner versus bed

Ladies,  Did you use a recliner?  Will I survive without one?  If you recovered in bed do you wish you had bought/used a recliner? Curious and want to be... READ MORE

Will I be able to get off toilet?

Will I be able to stand up off toilet without assistance post op?  If not how long? READ MORE

Burning stinging

Hi ladies.  So I'm 15 days post op from full TT with muscle repair.  My issue is that my whole abdomen has like a burning stinging sensation.  The skin is so... READ MORE

Will it ever flatten?

I'm getting so used to this belly that looks about 5 months pregnant. Surgery was a month ago.  Full TT with MR and lipo.  Will it flatten?  How long till you... READ MORE

Popping sound tummy tuckers?

Yesterday and today I had this issue when I stretched up on my toes to hug someone so my belly was kinda tight and stretched and I heard and felt an audible pop.  It was... READ MORE

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I had a full mastopexy almost two years ago. No sensation in my nipples. Sensation starts a little ways outside the nipple. I could care less. I am so glad to be free of the bags I had before. Everyone and every surgery are... READ COMMENT

Also my symptom was redness and hot skin, not what you have going on but still thought I would share READ COMMENT

I had an infection at the nipple one month post op. Probably unusual but it happens. Had to have the incision opened a little and drained and stuffed with antibiotic tape. The some more oral antibiotics and it healed. Not trying to... READ COMMENT

I bad the two surgeries 7 months apart. I never could have survived and hidden the recovery from both. I know women do it but my recoveries were tough. It woulda been bad for me READ COMMENT