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Chin Implant Opinions? - Massachusetts, MA

Hi everyone.. I have wanted a chin implant for many years now. I went to a consultation recently and the doctor told me I could use a large implant-however I'd feel more comfortable w a medium. (don't want it too big/noticeable) does anyone have any suggestions who has had the surgery or even... READ MORE

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Looks awesome !! I read your section about what you wanted fix about your nose and that sounds very similar to what I would want! also I am the same age as you and have the same problem with volume in my face. if you read my posts you... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the advice!! if you don't mind my asking did you have fat transfer to your face? I definitely am worried about making a mistake with a procedure that's why I have only done the fillers so far. I wish fillers were cheaper... READ COMMENT

Thank you for responding so quickly and telling me about your experience! slightly disappointing but definitely things I need to know before making a decision. I definitely don't want it to be noticeable so maybe I should stick to the... READ COMMENT

I am in the same boat right now. I had restalyne injected into my face and liked the results but it only lasted about 2-3 months. I would definitely like to do it again but I can't afford to pay 600$ and get that done every few months... READ COMMENT

How bad was the bruising afterward?? I am terrified that my face will be all bruised and that it will be extremely noticeable that I had work done (not planning on telling anybody) were there people you didn't tell who noticed a difference? READ COMMENT