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Breast Implant Replacement, Capsulectomy and Lift

I am scheduled for surgery next month and excited to have 30 year old implants removed. I'm undecided about having the implants replaced. I do not want large breasts like I have now (36G) but worry that I will not be happy with just a lift. I had two consultations and the first Dr said "You have... READ MORE

Mini Facelift and Fat Transfer

About a year or so ago I noticed that people started asking me what was wrong. I looked disgruntled and tired when actually I felt fine and happy. If I'm not smiling I look so crabby. Last August I had a ruptured implant so I had my 30 year old boobs lifted and replaced my 36G to a 36D. I chose... READ MORE

Much Needed Arm Lift - Saint Louis, MO

Between losing 30 pounds, aging and genetics my arms have loose hanging skin. I used to have beautiful arms with well defined muscles. Sigh... I'm told I won't need lipo but may seek other opinions to be sure. I don't want to be less then satisfied with my arms as I have been with my mini lift... READ MORE

Questions from Newmeaug13

Can the Pocket Under the Breast Accommodate a Smaller Implant? (photo)

I'm 60 years old and like most older women want to lose the matronly look that my 30 year old large implants give me. I'm curious if the pocket (behind the muscle) can be too... READ MORE

I Just Had Implant Replacements Under Muscle, Capsulectomy, and Lift. Is Pain Normal After 6 Days?

Old implants had ruptured and pocket has internal stitches for smaller implant. Will my recovery be longer? I'm very freaked out at the way my breast look 6 days post but I'm... READ MORE

Would a Different Profile Help Me Not to Look So Saggy or is It Just my Skin and Age? (photo)

I'm sixty and while I like my result I'm curious for different opinions. I have 300cc moderate profile revised from old 450cc. I'm post op two months and feel saggy with no... READ MORE

Nose job needed? (Photo)

I just had a mini lift 3 days ago but as I look at myself maybe I need a nose job? READ MORE

Does my left breast look like it's bottoming out? (photos

I'm almost 11 months post and will certainly ask my dr at my one year check up but I have been concerned for sometime about my left breast. I had a revision, implant... READ MORE

Discussions started by Newmeaug13

Out with the old in with the new

I'm getting my 30 year old breast implants out. They are big girls! 36G! I wear a size 8 everywhere but my bust and I want to just get a lift but fear I don't have enough... READ MORE

Is anyone having implant replacement in Aug?

I have read so many helpful stories about first time argumentation and complete removal but not too many from those that are having replacement implants. I respect and relate... READ MORE

Sports Bra suggestions

Has anyone tried Champion Double Dry Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra 1602?  For after BA/BL  READ MORE

Mini Lift with Local

Has anyone had a mini face lift under a local? Would you do it again? I can't stand going to the dentist so I'm full of anxiety about having this procedure awake. I'm only... READ MORE

Recent comments from Newmeaug13

The area under my chin may be helped with smart lipo and I will need filler around my mouth and the nasal folds. Botox in the 11's. If jowls are starting to show at 8 weeks I'm just not sure a mini lift is worth it. READ COMMENT

So sorry you had to deal with a kidney stone! Thanks for posting and I will look forward to following your journey. I went from a 36G to 36D and it feels so good!! READ COMMENT

I cringe when I think that for a couple of thousand more I could have had the full Monty with your PS. I just need to get over it and try to be happy. I'm so happy for you and really you have one of the most dramatic results I have ever... READ COMMENT

Lihiumflower9, thanks for reading my reviews and your comments. My changes become more minimal with each day but I'm trying to be grateful that I had the means to be able to make improvements no matter how small. I have always exercised... READ COMMENT

I see in the picture it looks like lumps with the lighting but really just those pesky wrinkles already coming back. :-( it just sucks that after spending so much money the things that bothered me the most are still there. READ COMMENT