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No One Really Explained to Me About the TYPE of Blisters...- Tyler, TX

I had my first laser treatment yesterday. I had it done at Dermatology Associates of East Texas in Tyler, Texas. I'm very happy with my experience at the doctor's office. The laser did indeed hurt very much but it was fast. The tattoo I'm removing is about 1/2" to 3/4" wide and goes all the way... READ MORE

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I'm sorry this is effecting you so severely. The removal process is very expensive but you don't have to pay that all at once, I would also shop around, different removal locations have very different pricing. I save up for several... READ COMMENT

I agree with other posts that the owl is really good. I think it's lovely. It's the accordian? treasure chest? above it that seems out of place. It's of course your body and skin, you should do what will make you happy. I'm having a... READ COMMENT

The black ink faded about the same as with q-switch, maybe a little more. The color has faded much more with the picosure. The heal time for me is maybe 2 weeks with pico compared to 2 months with the trinity. READ COMMENT

The tattoo I'm removing is also on my ankle and my doctor told me that the ankle was one of the more painful areas for lasers to work on. (It feels like burning hot grease repeatably shot on my skin with a BB gun!) You should be able to... READ COMMENT

Black is supposed to be an easy color to remove but any tattoo removal is a very slow process. I have to wait a while between treatments to save up for them but I felt much better once I had just gotten started. I think once you get a... READ COMMENT