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Loving my Butt Implants Revision!! Anxious and very impatient to see my final results!! - Beverly Hills, CA

After so many years with butt implants over the muscle I was miserable wearing ugly garments to compressed the odd shape of my behind. They were placed too high and with nothing on the bottom. Was so tired some to hide this funny looking shape daily. I decided to look into a revision, went to... READ MORE

Questions from newbeautybootay

I'm looking for a surgeon that has done many butt implant revision. Any doctors in LA area that are very experienced?

Would prefer round implants. Is style 3 size 9 good for 44 inch hips. 19 inch wide each butt cheek?? Need help with size & shape!!!! READ MORE

Which size and shape would be best for butt implants, round or oval?

If I'm looking to achieve fullness on mid/bottom of my buttock, which shape would best, oval or round? Want a bubble butt but not so high. HELP PLEASE!! Confused with the... READ MORE

Is it necessary to remove the capsule for a butt revision?

Does the capsule need to be removed before placing new butt implant for a revision? Going under the muscle. Currently I have implants above the muscle. If the capsule is left... READ MORE

Revision needed for Breast Implants, can implants go over the muscle? (photo)

Want high profile breast implants, how many cc ' s would it take to get this size? Currently I got mine over the muscle DD look natural tear drop shape. READ MORE

After Butt Implants does the projection get bigger after the muscles have stretched?

Some say after 1 month butt gets bigger due muscles have relaxed to allow butt implants to poke out more, is this true? I hear many say "fluff", what does this mean? READ MORE

Will the capsule or scar tissue that was left behind by removal of butt implants over the muscle ever heal? (Photo)

Had removal of butt implants from above the muscle 4 weeks ago. Capsule was not removed, no history of any hemotoma. Currently had implants placed intramuscular for a better... READ MORE

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Watched botched last night, u look great!!!! What a difference, enjoy your new flat tummy! I'm getting a revision on my tt as well, trying for next month! How long did it take u to heal?? READ COMMENT

Sorry girl! Ur in a much better place now, later u can try again:) Ur butt looks great with out the implant!! Seriously... READ COMMENT

Yes Dr. Staton was my doctor as well who did my revision. In ur case u may need to remove implants first then later u can have new set under the muscle. Maybe with in 500ccs, idk? A good doctor decides what size is good for ur dimensions. READ COMMENT

No problem:) I was upset to read all those comments, what a waste of time. She should have just skipped ur review and move on. Instead she went out of her way to say such negative remarks. What a brat!!! Lol READ COMMENT

Exactly!!! Doctors know this, the bigger implants=bigger problems!! You don't look like a girl with wide hips, even myself that I have wide hips got 540ccs. Im at 48 inches hip/butt. U look way smaller than me in the hip/buttock area.... READ COMMENT