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Hey how you doing now??? I also went to him and need to get some stuff fix but they kinda been igroneing my email..I got a call once from them and said tey gonna call me back and it's been amonth but still nothing. READ COMMENT

My tummy is also lob sided and I got like air pocket that is making me lumpy looking. READ COMMENT

Melissa from the office called me back and said she was gonna talk to the Dr about my touch up to see if they gonna charge me..it's been a month now and she hasn't call me back!...this is horrible!! I mean I am willing to pay for him to... READ COMMENT

Hey how you doin? hows is everything thing? READ COMMENT

I am 4month post and not happy with my result either..i am lob sided in my stomach and ass..1 side of my butt and hips are soo flat compare to the other side..I been emailing them to see how much it would cost just to hips 1 side of... READ COMMENT