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5'1 22 Year OldSurg

I'm a 32B right now and I'm getting 410cc under my pectoral muscle. I lost 30 lbs so I went from a 34D to a 32B and I didn't like the way they looked. I hope I end up bigger than a D since I'm petite. I'm really happy I chose linda because she has amazing before and afters and her work looks... READ MORE

23 Year Old Rhinoplasty :)!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I've really been wanting to do this I made my appointment for this November 10 :) once I go to my consultation I'll definetly get it if I feel he's right for me :) I've heard and seen nothing but great work from David Kim. I want natural looking results and he seems to be the perfect fit. I'm... READ MORE

Questions from Essie23

5'1 115lbs I am trying to repair my saggy 32b after 30lbs lost I was a 34D how many cc's ?

I'm just trying to see what I should get I'm so confused and I want to be 100 percent happy with my size I'm reaching for a large D maybe a little bigger READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty Acne? HELP?!

I got my Rhinoplasty on November 9, 2014 and ever since then i have had acne that has not completely gone away. My skin was clear and has alway been clear so its hard to... READ MORE

Should I be smoking Marijuana after my Rhinoplasty?

I have a medical card and I take i consume for anxiety and to increase my appetite. I have noticed that my nose gets swollen. I'm not sure if it's because I don't sleep on a... READ MORE

Will my lips go back to their normal shape and fullness after I get Juvederm?

I want to get them fuller but I also like my natural lips. If they don't go back to normal then I won't get them done. READ MORE

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Exactly. I don't know how anybody can say anything negative about anybody on here. It's not right l. We should empower each other not bring each other down. Krubio your gorgeous and anybody that talks down to you is a HATER. No doubt... READ COMMENT

Hahah same here my boyfriend is always telling me to smoke. I love smoking with him and I always give in! Yeah it really does swell the next morning. Omg yeah! I hate my pictures the healing process really sucks. I love your nose !!! It... READ COMMENT

Perfect boobs :) I love Kim he did a perfect job READ COMMENT

The pursuit of perfection which is unreal. :) oh well ;) READ COMMENT

Aww so sweet! Xoxo Well I know your boobs and rhino will come out amazing! I want to get my boobs re-done too after I seen krubios boobs. I should have waited to get mine done with him and I regret it till this day :/. December is near... READ COMMENT