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Visible Bumps Due to Cartilage Grafts?

I had rhinoplasty 7 wks ago (dorsal hump, over-projection, long and droopy nose). About 4th week post-op, I noticed bumps on both sides of my nose where septal cartilage placed... READ MORE

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May 2013. I don't want to look at myself in the mirror anymore, I avoid going out. Bumps, crocked nose, and residual hump appeared when the swelling went down. My nose is shapeless and still big. I saw another plastic surgeon for... READ COMMENT

Well, I have a totally different experience with Dr. Miller. He made a mess out of my nose. My post-op was very complicated with severe headache, swelling and bruises around my eyes. My dorsal hump is still there, plus I have now a... READ COMMENT

Hi, Please don't go to Dr. Philip Miller for your rhinoplasty. I had mine with him and I am not happy with the results. My nose is still big, crocked after the surgery, and hump is still there. Spreader graft has caused visible bumps... READ COMMENT

I am very happy for you. Your nose looks amazing. I will put Dr. Naficy in my list for revision. Thank you. READ COMMENT

Dr. Miller told me I need spreader graft to prevent mid valve collapse. Around week 4 post-op when swelling was going down I started to notice these bumps. READ COMMENT