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"Ripping/popping" sensation. TT Budapest, Hungary.

It is now 31/2 weeks before my Tummy Tuck and/or liposuction in Budapest :-) I am from Norway myself, and have been thinking about this procedure for many years. Now that I am turning 40, I figured it was time to do something about it! Here in Norway you have to pay around $7000 - $8500 for a... READ MORE

2nd Procedure, Addition to TT/Lipo, Budapest, Hungary

Well, I asked Mr Zahid from Euromedical Tours what it would cost me to also have liposuction to my chin while doing the TT/Lipo. My chin has been bothering me for years. Every time I see a picture of myself sideways, or catch a glimse of it walking past a mirror, I jump. It is not so bad from... READ MORE

Finally After Almost 2 Years Waiting, I Have my Breast Reduction (40 Y F) - Bergen, Norway

After waiting two years in line for my breast reduction here in Norway, the hospital called me Friday and announced that they had an opening Monday (last week). So, -I suddenly have smaller boobs! They removed 740g on the right one, and 720g on the left. That is about one and a half milk carton!... READ MORE

Questions from AidaCat

Too Much Visceral Fat for Any Help? Thank You for This Site! (photo)

I am 39 (168cm/77kg) and today I consulted a surgeon about a tummy tuck or similar to help me with my protruding belly. He told me that he could not feel that my muscle had... READ MORE

Level Of Activity Right After Tummy Tuck?

Ok, so I had my TT done on Thursday. Already on operation day I wanted to get out of my bed (when I had my awakened moments), I used a toilet visit as an "excuse" and was... READ MORE

Puss from around nipple 2 weeks and 2 days after surgery. Is this normal? (photos)

..the nipple, -made a small spot on my sportsba. Normal 2w PO? Had infection a year ago (TT), so I am extra on the guard now. What I wondered about was: Should I change... READ MORE

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Lol I thought maybe it was something from "The Hobbit" ;-) READ COMMENT

Thanx, OhToBeAB! I have read your review as well, and think yours are perfect! We should trade 'em lol. READ COMMENT

Hi, Cloe, sorry to hear about your situation. I had a breast reduction 12 days ago, and I was one of the lucky ones that did not have much pain. Of course it hurts, but it was bearable. I am glad I have a chance to heal more before... READ COMMENT

Hi, B! I do not know what time it is where you are, but here it is 13:30 the 18th. Maybe you are asleep, or maybe you are in the operating theatre (and also asleep lol). Anyhow, -good luck to you, and do not worry about sleeping, as... READ COMMENT

Hi, Kimmers! :-) Yes, the bandages came off, -and I could finally have a heavenly shower. As for size, I have tried to tell my self that I am just not used to not having big, hanging breasts, -but honestly I wish the doc had taken... READ COMMENT