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No More Old Lady Teeth - Lansing, MI

After paying for my two, now adult, children's braces the last thing I wanted to do was jump back on THAT monthly payment plan but as I watched my bottom front teeth shift at ever odder angles each year, I decided that I could not face my 60's with a mouth that looked 90. I am a teeth grinder... READ MORE

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Invisalign and Jaw Clicking?

I just started tray four (top and bottom) of my 28 tray Invisalign regimen. Everything was going great until yesterday morning when I noticed that my jaw would pop/click as I... READ MORE

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Each visit my orthodontist files a little between my teeth to make room. He uses what appears to be a piece of sturdy sandpaper. His assistant reads off where (Between which teeth) he is supposed to file, so I assume it is the... READ COMMENT

I lost a tray three days before I was to move on to the next set, so no big deal, like Daylight Savings Time, I "Leaped Forward" ha ha. Like you, I had no idea where my set (16) went. I suspect my daughter's dog found them, but he's... READ COMMENT

My goodness I am so sorry you are having such a terrible experience! Are you seeing an orthodontist or a regular dentist for your Invisalign treatment? I have to say 9 months seems like a wildly over optimistic estimate of treatment... READ COMMENT

I have a mild overbite with underbite situation along with some crooked bottom teeth. I gotta say you are right, traditional braces such as my children wore do seem to work faster. Don't despair, I did not see anything, not a smidge of... READ COMMENT

Nickydd, Yes, I got seven attachments, four on the top and three on the bottom. I got lucky in that none of them are on my two front teeth as that would feel annoying and be quite noticeable. Unlike some of our comrades here, I do... READ COMMENT