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No More Old Lady Teeth - Lansing, MI

After paying for my two, now adult, children's braces the last thing I wanted to do was jump back on THAT monthly payment plan but as I watched my bottom front teeth shift at ever odder angles each year, I decided that I could not face my 60's with a mouth that looked 90. I am a teeth grinder... READ MORE

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Invisalign and Jaw Clicking?

I just started tray four (top and bottom) of my 28 tray Invisalign regimen. Everything was going great until yesterday morning when I noticed that my jaw would pop/click as I... READ MORE

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My goodness I am so sorry you are having such a terrible experience! Are you seeing an orthodontist or a regular dentist for your Invisalign treatment? I have to say 9 months seems like a wildly over optimistic estimate of treatment... READ COMMENT

I have a mild overbite with underbite situation along with some crooked bottom teeth. I gotta say you are right, traditional braces such as my children wore do seem to work faster. Don't despair, I did not see anything, not a smidge of... READ COMMENT

Nickydd, Yes, I got seven attachments, four on the top and three on the bottom. I got lucky in that none of them are on my two front teeth as that would feel annoying and be quite noticeable. Unlike some of our comrades here, I do... READ COMMENT

Nickydd, I just put in my 23rd set yesterday and I said the exact same thing "they are soooo tight!". It felt like they were trying to complete my treatment in one day! Today they feel really snug but tolerable. The first week is... READ COMMENT

My problem is that at the time, when I signed up for this journey, I did not know enough to ASK about retainers. Yeah, dumb as a rock, I know. It would be crazy to spend this much and work this hard and cheap out at the end, so I will... READ COMMENT