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I Had a Tummy Tuck 9 Months Back but Was Told the Area Above my Waist Couldn't Be Addressed at the Same Time.

I now have very loose skin in this area, more loose than it was originally plus my tummy tuck and mons area is bulging. It was quite a large apron removed so I under stood the... READ MORE

Considering a back lift.

What is general recovery time and after care to ensure scar doesn't migrate Hope to be able to have an arm lift extended in to the side to remove loose skin in that area also.... READ MORE

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Wonderful diary of events. Looking forward to seeing your progress! How was the brow lift performed? READ COMMENT

I had same problem and had revision in the form of FDL - Has reduced the roll but there is still loose skin. Problem is the surgeons wont over tighten horizontal cuts due to the tension on the scarring. hope you get sorted. I feel... READ COMMENT

I had a revision and ended having a FDL to treat upper loose skin. Seemed to be in a lot more pain than the normal TT. Surgeon said it's due to muscle tightening. It did eventually pass but the skin is still loose, not as much but I... READ COMMENT

Hi , new to all of this PM your in box. Found your pics now and wow, both your TT and uplift look fantastic. If mine look as good, I'll be happy - unfortunately my before aren't as good a shape as yours - but I live in hope. Have you... READ COMMENT

HI, I was wondering if you managed to sort your problem since posting last year. I have a similar problem, terrible loose skin above the button region, plus after my TT about 8 months back, I have a pouch and my mons area looks very... READ COMMENT