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Why Does Botox Adverse Side Effects Say Flulike Symptoms, Fuzzy Vision, Hoarseness Etc?

No one wants to answer questions but it is clearly stated. I figure all of these injections could have these side effects including per lane. Can an injection be given too... READ MORE

Want to know the different additives in Restylane and Perlane

I see where Perlane has a streptococcal bacterium in it (preservative I guess) and something else in it. What does restylane have in it as a preservative. I just want to know... READ MORE

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Thank you this uplifting post. I'm so glad you are back to normal. I have been dealing with this for 3 yrsnow and no relief. I had an MRI and my tendons are inflamed all through my body. I have no life now b/c of pain. Doctors are... READ COMMENT

I had perlane injections done in 2011. I was not going to do them but the injector said just these words, "it's totally safe", so to that I was convinced. Well the first reaction was my lip swelled up huge that evening. Then it went... READ COMMENT

Don't think this will happen with big monopoly drug companies. READ COMMENT

You are so right. All of us with after effects from these toxins need to be on a list so if they ever come out banning the products, we should be reimbursed for our suffering, time , money and inabilities to live a normal life. READ COMMENT

Is that all you have is swollen lip? READ COMMENT