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Yes, I feel the same way. Before I could wear V necks with no problem, the only cleavage I had was my pec muscles which were quite deep as I am a bodybuilder. Now, after having 300/275 cc moderate, round, under, I feel self conscious... READ COMMENT

I just saw your story. You're a lot like me. I had 300/275 silicone, under the muscle a little over a year ago & they still changed at a year. Could you post recent photos? READ COMMENT

Then I think you could go 400cc for sure, maybe 450cc moderate plus . Just make sure the diameter of implant is close to your breast width. Is there a reason you want incision under arm? READ COMMENT

You didn't give your height, weight, narrow or broad chest (bwd). READ COMMENT

Don't feel bad. I just had mine 5 mos ago & I'll be 56 next month. I was waiting until I was ready to trade my pecs in for breasts. I miss my pecs but I can't do chest workouts with these things under my muscle, they're so tight, and... READ COMMENT