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I just saw your story. You're a lot like me. I had 300/275 silicone, under the muscle a little over a year ago & they still changed at a year. Could you post recent photos? READ COMMENT

Then I think you could go 400cc for sure, maybe 450cc moderate plus . Just make sure the diameter of implant is close to your breast width. Is there a reason you want incision under arm? READ COMMENT

You didn't give your height, weight, narrow or broad chest (bwd). READ COMMENT

Don't feel bad. I just had mine 5 mos ago & I'll be 56 next month. I was waiting until I was ready to trade my pecs in for breasts. I miss my pecs but I can't do chest workouts with these things under my muscle, they're so tight, and... READ COMMENT

It's called BWD (breast width diameter) and is measured from outside edge to inside edge of the breast. Mine was 14.5 cm according to my PS, but 300 cc moderate profile in Mentor is only 13.5 cm in diameter. So 375 or 400cc may have... READ COMMENT