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Good for you!!! 10 yrs. ago, at age 43 - I had a total hysterectomy w/oopherectomy (ovaries) and had a tummy tuck @ the same time. BEST MONEY SPENT EVER!!! Having given birth to 3 almost 10lb'rs had done a number... SO WHAT I DIDN'T... READ COMMENT

Wow - your post was a "Debbie Downer" wah, wah, wah. But then I started using my finely "seasoned" brain --- AND YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I never expected a "certain" amount of time for healing...but I won't expect to heal like a 25 y.old... READ COMMENT

Okay, let's just blame it on China for not caring about being the world's biggest pollution offender! Seriously though, there's a saying in Texas.., If you live in Texas and don't have seasonal allergies - you will!" And thank you for... READ COMMENT

Hi Eyedidit! Actually I was responding to Cassandra's post and her allergic type reactions... I go back to my ocular plastic surgeon for pictures and to SCHEDULE MY SURGERY!!! Ptosis correction L lid, upper bleph both lids. My 3... READ COMMENT

ALLERGIES, ALLERGIES, ALLERGIES!!! Can I just say that I never had a single seasonal allergy until I turned 42 - and it seems that the higher the pollen count is...grasses, trees, weeds - the worse my seasonal allergy symptoms are -... READ COMMENT