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Did you have just upper blephs done? My ins. has approved bilateral ptosis (droopy eyelid) surgery...but the blephorplasty cost is $3500.00! I'm also 54... READ COMMENT

To Young43 - I am so, so sorry you're going through this... I will pray for you & this whole situation! And yes - when I read your very first post - I was surprised he wasn't doing the upper blephs first. It just seems to make sense.... READ COMMENT

I'm Very sorry if I've offended you or anyone else. READ COMMENT

Thx for your reply. I am so glad for you!!! READ COMMENT

RE: HRT. IT's frightening what we, as women - never learn about our bodies and how BENEFICIAL estrogen is for our bone strength, heart health, mental clarity, natural lubrication, etc... THE ESTROGEN IN PREMARIN/PREMPRO DOES NOT... READ COMMENT