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Butt Implants - Henderson, NV

I am what I would consider a typical vegas girl and mother of 2. After my second child I was ready to do butt implants which I have wanted for 2-3 years. I had a nice butt to begin and just wanted an enhancement just because I like a nicer rounder butt. So of course I go to my Doctor's. ... READ MORE

Cellulaze on Back and Outer Thighs - Henderson, NV

I was actually disappointed. I paid 7,200$, which is more then what I paid for a full tummy tuck with abdominal reconstruction and it was in an in office procedure. I would say there was about a 50% improvement and the procedure to me was worth no more then 3500-4k. The doctor kept telling me... READ MORE

BBL After Implant Removal - Henderson, NV

Hello peoples I had butt implants placed 6 months ago and removed within weeks. The reasons I had them removed was because the recovery was not something I was fully prepared for I had to be off work over 6 weeks, the implants were very hard, and I do not know if I could have ever got used to... READ MORE

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Thank you! I am more then pleased and could say my butt has been stable since 12 weeks post op. I love my doctor and yes Asians are in the lead lol READ COMMENT

If u have an email I can send u pics. Happy new year READ COMMENT

I know lol they won't upload I have tried and tried READ COMMENT

Thank you! I love my results as well could not be happier things have remained exactly the same from 12 weeks post op. What advice I can give you is I think not all surgeries go the way we want so dealing with the right doctor is key.... READ COMMENT

I removed them 5 weeks after placement. It's my understanding the longer you leave them in the higher the chances of sagging and dents in the pockets but I'm not a doctor obviously. My butt did not say but big dent on the right after... READ COMMENT