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Reverse Tummy Tuck+Breast Augmentation?

Hello. In a reverse tummy tuck, how is the SKIN & tissue folded into the breast for augmentation? READ MORE

Will a Rev Tummy Tuck + Breast Aug Make the Breasts Sag?

A reverse tummy tuck is a procedure that is performed in order to correct for the laxity of the upper abdominal region. I have found the procedure of tremendous use in those... READ MORE

Butt & Outer Thighs Smoother? (photo)

I am wanting the skin on my butt & outer thighs smoother. Can an low incision be made from hip to hip across the back, excess skin removed, pulled up & sutured? Also... READ MORE

Which Incisions Would Give Best Results (Photo)

For the best results in a butt, outer & inner thigh lift would incisions need to be made from the Peri-area to back along the butt crease and then from hip to hip in the... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks? (photo)

If I have multiple abdominal liposuction's (to prevent sagging skin) and on the last session have abd. inner/outer thigh, flank & hips liposuctioned, & the fat... READ MORE

Can The Butt Lift Incision Be Made About 1" Above The Vertical Gluteal Crease?

Hi. I'm wanting a butt/lateral thigh lift with lipo on the "love" handles & outer thigh for a smoother appearance (not weight loss). Most incisions I've seen are high on... READ MORE

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Reverse Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation

Hello Everyone. Wondering if anyone has had a reverse tummy tuck with breast augmentation? Do they tuck tissue & fat in the lower part of the breast pushing current tissue... READ MORE

Am searching for a B.C.P.S. to perform a 4" thigh lift?

Am searching for a B.C.P.S. to perform a 4" thigh lift w/waterlipo and laserlipo in the Chicago/Austin area as I live in Kansas. READ MORE