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1 month left until my procedure. Starting to get nervous. - Norway, NO

Like almost everyone else in here, I've been so unhappy with my nose for around 4 years now. But it wasn't until this last year I really started to seriously consider rhinoplasty. The reason is because I am basically not happy about people changing their bodies just because they want to perfect... READ MORE

Questions from Toast

Hard to Deproject a Nosetip ? (photo)

I was at a consultation today and was told that the surgeon could only straighten my nosebridge and slim down my tip on the sides. But he told me he could NOT bring the tip... READ MORE

Will Anyone Be Able to Make my Nose Look Like my Morphed After-photos? (photo)

Does it look like my after-photos is something that could be done? I am looking for someone who is skilled with especially tip-work, since I will need to deproject my nose-tip... READ MORE

Does what this surgeon wants to do for my Rhinoplasty sound right in your opinion? (photos)

Asked my doctor if he could tell me in short what he plans to do for my rhinoplasty, and now I want to make sure that this sounds like a good plan for my nose. Here is what he... READ MORE

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What is the price estimate if I want to fly to America and stay for a week for a rhinoplasty there ?

I know it's probably hard to tell, depending on where I'm going and such. But does anyone have experience with doing just that, traveling to America from your home country for... READ MORE

Any recommendations for surgeons in the UK ?

I have been searching for a good surgeon in Scandinavia for a while, but I now see it as a lost cause, since none of them seem skilled enough. So now I'm starting my search for... READ MORE

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I agree. I am not choosing this one. I would be extremely scared of what he might do to my nose. Looks like he went wild with that program, and didn't even take the time to make them look half decent. Everything is just pinched together. READ COMMENT

I agree completely. It was really worrying seeing those morphs, and I immediately just said "no way" in my head. So I need to be patient and try to find someone else. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your answer. I am pretty scared myself, and I don't think I can choose this surgeon. I was pretty damn shocked when I saw the morphs, it looks like a kid played around with some face-warping program for fun and tried... READ COMMENT

That's what I'm thinking too, it's way too thin in those pics. I am just crossing my fingers really hard that we can agree on a more natural outcome together. After all I'm paying a whole lot for this, and even aqcuiring a loan to help... READ COMMENT

I Googled them, and it sure looks like I could be. And thank you, I'm still awaiting the morphs from the surgeon, so I'm pretty excited for those. READ COMMENT