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Dont worry, this is probably due to swelling. there are many causes for unilateral swelling. perhaps more pressure was applied to one side or some other reason. Please remain calm, I would contact your doctor to voice your concerns... READ COMMENT

Also removing less mm also helps with distortion if below the sills READ COMMENT

I'm not sure. Google endonasal lip lift. This is a new technique that's aimed at fixing these problems. I'm not sure which doc would do this. READ COMMENT

I been researching this surgery for a while. If you look at other pics with their before and afters and look at their nose relative to their ears the nose becomes more elongated afterwards due to the pulling. That's why it's important... READ COMMENT

If you attach the lip below the nasal sill, the tissue below the sill is not supported by bone and your nose gets pulled down. The inside of the nose is supported byperiosteum thus prevents nasal distortion and a longer nose appearance... READ COMMENT