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Chin Reduction - Cincinnati, OH

I decided to get a chin reduction on June 13, 2012. I am 22 yrs old and ever since i was in middle school, ive been made fun of because i had a broad, extended chin. It took up to a year to fully heal. My experience after surgery wasnt easy. I gone through alot of depression because my chin got... READ MORE

Questions from dogblondie

I Want Cheek and Chin Lipo Done and Also Tummy Lipo. Suggestions? (photo)

I am 22 years old and 5'5. I have been at a steady weight of 145 lbs for many many years. I would work out, and be on diets and no matter what, i can not lose my tummy fat! I... READ MORE

Do I HAVE to Change my Lifestyle After Lipo? (photo)

I have been at a stable weight for like 8 years at 145. I can't lose my stomach fat when I exercise/dieting. If I have been at a stable weight for years, would I still need to... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Vs Lipo. The Difference? (photo)

I went to my surgeon today and he told me i should get cool sculpting instead of lipo to get rid of my stomach. I was leaning more towards lipo but the procedure is 5,000 vs.... READ MORE

Im Not Happy with my Chin Reduction. Can a Surgeon Fix It Without Paying Full Price? (photo)

I got my chin reduced a year ago. I feel that my chin sags and theres alot of fat there. My surgeon said he cant do anything about it. I got burrow surgery done. (shaved it... READ MORE

Is $5,000 Too Much for Liposuction on a Size Like Me? (photo)

I went to my surgeon the other day. The cost for my liposuction in my stomach is $5,000. They have their own facility so i dont pay hospital fees. They didnt even get a good... READ MORE

Can I Sue my Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

I got a chin reduction a year ago. I still have a ball of fat, tissue, and muscle on the end of it. That is what my surgeon told me. I kept telling him I dont like it and he... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face smaller? (photo)

I got chin surgery twice and I am not liking it %100. Its been 2 months since I had it done the second time and I am thinking its still swollen...? I want the indent on my chin... READ MORE