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Reviews by irsi

Lessons I think primary and revision patients could use.

I went through a revision for a deviated, bulky nose that was so bulky no one that looked at me could tell what was wrong, but it has actually caused sinus issues in the left side of my face. I tried to explain to my own surgeon that the nose was hooking in the wrong direction and he would need... READ MORE

Only reviewing a consult, but still want to write about how thorough and helpful Dr. Miller was & his staff were.

I went to Dr. Miller in the decision phase and ultimately realized it was too soon. What I came away with is this--if I had found him ten years ago, I would probably not be a revision patient. (I am sad I didn't.) He took pictures of me; informed me based on my own less-than-helpful surgeon's... READ MORE

Consultation only: Very kind, listened to me even though I had a complex case

I am a complex revision case and realize of everyone I consulted for help, Dr. Kim was one of the few that listened to me (although even he couldn't quite see what cheaper surgeons should). Here's what I wish I had done with any surgeon: made him feel my nose and look inside (I had a breathing... READ MORE

Tips for getting through rhinoplasty financially, medically and psychologically/getting it right the first time

There's a certain level of presumption in doctors and their ability to see what you do that comes with going through something you want desperately that is also scary. I have a deviated, bulky nose after a bad surgery, after many consults, and after emailing other patients who themselves could... READ MORE

I Had a Bad Septorhinoplasty and the Headaches and Pain I Had Before Are Much, Much Worse. New York, NY

If any of you have septorhinoplasty or septoplasty, if your surgeon gets it wrong, leaves your nose crooked, etc., the pain in forehead and eyes is unbearable. Sometimes that is normal. But I am far along as I write this (didn't want to put real date)-2 months or so-and it's only getting... READ MORE

Questions from irsi

I Had a Coral (So Said the Surgeon) Tip Graft Put into my Nose to Elevate a Tip That Did Not Need It. Can I Take It out Now?

On the spot my surgeon offered to add a coral graft for "definition" when I went in for a tip duct graft. Six days after surgery, while I realize part of what I'm seeing is... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Medpor and Conchal Implant--was the Medpor a Mistake?

I foolishly agreed to elevate a tip when my doctor suggested it at the last minute before surgery for a bulbous tip & regretted it immediately. I went to him for a tip... READ MORE

Had a Horrible Medpor Impant Put in That Has Seemingly Bifurcated my Nose into 2 Noses Ten Days Ago. Steroid Shots?

It was put in during a revision (open) rhino. I fear it will be this swollen now as it is in three days. The tip was angled unnaturally high and I have a bump below my bridge.... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Tip Elevation I Regret; Steroid Injection from a Surgeon Other Than the One That Did Surgery?

I'm a woman w/ a bulbous, ethnic nose, thick skin & a slightly droopy tip that got a revision (open) rhinoplasty 12 days ago.After 1 wk Medoral dose pack, the swelling is... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Acne After an Open Rhino W/out Inducing Swelling?

I made the horrible mistake of agreeing to a tip elevation (w/medpor-the surgeon never told me what it was)making my short, bulbous nose doubly so for open/rev rhino. Not only... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Other Than the One That Performed Surgery Administer Kenalog Injections 3-4 Wks After Rhino?

How Long Till They kick in, & how long do they last? I got an open rhinoplasty/medpor implant that looks awful 2 weeks ago & hate how I look, but the swelling (in &... READ MORE

Area Under Tip & Ball of Nose Keep Swelling/refilling After Open Revision Rhino W/ Medpor Ear Cartilage?

  So Bad I Can't Even tell how much my surgeon angled/rotated me,but I worry that b/c I didn't speak up/misunderstood how he would elevate my tip (offered at the last... READ MORE

How Do I Encourage Lymphatic Drainage in a Tip Elevation W/ Medpor Poretex/natural Cartilage?

I look like I have a snout b/c I foolishly agreed to elevate my nasal tip. I also worry my tip was rotated. I had a short nose to begin with but now the ball above the tip, the... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have a Medpor Implant in my Tip Removed Before It Can Be De-rotated?

I had an open revision rhino w/ a Medpor/pore-tex implant, ear cartilage, & tip elevation. I don't like how much my tip was angled up so high (3 cm--only found out after... READ MORE

Why Do Arnica, Neem, Saw Palmetto, Ubiquinone and Other Supplements Meant to Help with Acne Break Me Out?

I tried the supplements above to help with swelling, bruising/hyperpigmentation,hair thinning, post-acne pitting, & hormonal acne that came about/persisted thru 100 mg/day... READ MORE

When Can I De-rotate my Tip After a Medpor Implant and Open Revision Rhino? I Now Have a Doubly Bulbous Thick Indian Nose.

I am at 3 weeks post op after having my nose angled up 3 mm w/ Medporpore-tex/ear cartilage & regret it. I want my tip back in the place it was; my nose is more bulbous... READ MORE

Massage Technique to Help W/nasal Tip Edema That Raises Bulbous Rotated Tip Up Even More?

I had a tip debulking & agreed minutes before surgery to raise my tip, not knowing how it would look front. I now deeply regret this overcorrection. Doctor used Medpor... READ MORE

Best Massage Technique for a Swollen, Rigid Tip 1 Month Post-op to Make It Go Lower & Decrease Pressure, Edema, and Pain?

Thick-skinned non smoker/drinker;had open revision rhino 32 days ago w/ a trimmed Medpor porex tip top graft, (doctor didn't tell me about the Medpor),ear cartilage,& tip... READ MORE

Decades of Hormonal Acne and the Cysts Also Come Back in the Same Place; is Surgical Removal of Repeat Cysts an Option?

I've had hormonal cystic acne for 15 yrs;I'm 26 now.The cysts always come back in the same locations, esp. during my period. Been on Monodox for 3 or 4 months & it's... READ MORE

Can I Undo an Upward Tip Rotation Without Disturbing a Medpor Implant? Patient W/very Thick Ethnic Skin?

5 wks ago in a lapse of judgment I had my nasal tip to be elevated in open revision rhino. I found out after the surgery a Medpor tip top graft (& ear cartilage) was placed... READ MORE

Accutane at Any Time Before Revision Rhinoplasty? Thick Ethnic, Acne Prone Skin

In the last ten years after aldactone, antiobiotics, topical treatments, & birth control, it is the only thing that has helped with persistent moderate/severe hormonal... READ MORE

How Soon After Bad Rhinoplasty W/ Overrated Tip Can I Try Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

My tip was elevated with Medpor tip top graft /ear cartilage in open revision rhino 8 weeks ago. I have thick skin & I know part of what I'm seeing is normal swelling, but... READ MORE

Trimmed Medpor Tip Top Graft & Ear Cartilage Put in Tip; on the Fence Abt Result/want to Go Back on Accutane.Should I Remove It?

Let me say I am confident in the skill of my surgeon, if not our relationship.I've Asian skin; this was revision rhino, so for all I know I have limited "natural" resources of... READ MORE

Are Tip Elevation and Tip Rotation One and the Same?

I had a medium long, bulbous, ethnic nose with little internal structure to support heavy skin & had a rev rhino that included what my doc called "tip elevation". In pics... READ MORE

Had my Nose Shortened Through Tip Rotation & Dislike the Look; How Can I Remedy This & Get the Length of my Nose Back?

I agreed to a tip elevation based on a profile picture presented 10 minutes before surgery. I know 7 wks is early to comment on results, but I feel this was a mistake; I liked... READ MORE

Nose Was Pulled Downward 7 Wks After Open Rhino with a Small Medpor Implant in my Septum & Swelled Up Pink/throbs Some-now What?

It was pink, then purple, then pink, swollen, and tender. It was mostly settled when this happened (& I just seen my surgeon, who commented himself that it was still a... READ MORE

Pretty Sure I Pulled (Dissolvable?) Suture from Up Inside Nose After Open Rhino at 8 Weeks; Nose Swelled. Am I Okay?

Now, after sleeping on it, it's tender, but not shape is lost. It's definitely tender to the touch/eye, though, & a little brown on the bottom. I've applied icing, am... READ MORE

Got Hit in Nose 7 Wks Post-op Rhino with Medpor; Something's Now Poking, the Implant?

Implant put in the septum/placed in ear cartilage.After the blow, the hump (dorsum?) on down was pink-purple-no blood/or pus.In 3 days,it's mostly down, no redness, some... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Me to Tape my Nose After Revision Rhino if There's a Medpor Implant/ear Cartilaje in the Tip?

7-8 wks ago my doctor put a trimmed Medpor implant packed in cartilage in my septum to elevate my tip.I hit my nose & it swelled up almost as it did after surgery,but... READ MORE

Nose Pulled Downward at 6 Weeks Post Op, was Mostly Settled, & Now is Not Sore, but Different, even at 3 Mths Post-op?

Accident at 6 wks post-op; nose pulled downward, swelled up pink, & then went back to normal color in a week but is renewed puffy even 6 wks after accident,12 post-op... READ MORE

6 Wks Post Op, Stupid Accident After Rev Rhino; 6 Wks Later, Layer of Scar Tissue from Dorsum to Base. Surgeon Refuses Kenalog?

I very stupidly had an accident at 6 wks post-op. It was the first day I finally saw my nose mostly settled (tip elevation, medpor implant). Now, 6 wks after that, the nose no... READ MORE

Very Frightened I Shifted a Medpor Implant. No Infection Suspected, but Continual Edema/scar Tissue, W/ Capillary Damage.Advice?

I will see my surgeon,so he can look at it, but long story short,at 6 wks post-op, I am afraid & injured/shifted a rotated medpor implant in my tip. Nose was jerked down,... READ MORE

Wad of Scar Tissue Around Medpor Implant in Nasal Tip, Did Not Respond to Predisone; is Kenalog Safe? Ball is Blocking Lymph

I injured my nose a day after I saw the healed result (in the evening, when nose was unswelled) at 6 wks. 6 wks later, I realized a ball of scar tissue has formed, same size as... READ MORE

Injured Self at 6 Wks After Rhinoplasty. Now 3 Mths Post-op & Implant is Intact but Ball of Scar Tissue Grown All Around Medpor?

The nose was healed,I saw the final result & was happy w/it.When I bumped it, it was a hard bump,but discoloration went away after 1 week.However, a big ball of scar tissue... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Swelling, Scar Tissue,& Bulbousness? 3 Months Post-op--will my Nose Go Back Down?

I had rev rhino w/ a trimmed Medpor implant/tip elevation/narrowing. At 6 wks, the 1st day I saw the final shape (in the evening, when the nose is usually unswollen),I... READ MORE

Massaged Nose Too Hard Accidentally While Healing from Injury/dealing with Scar Tissue Formation. Now Nose is Engorged Again?

Is there anything I can do but wait? There's scar tissue forming around the tip graft & scar tissue/swelling in the dorsum, but I hit a blood vessel & bled under the... READ MORE

Nose is Gelatinous at 3 Months Post-op Due to Complications (no Infection, Implant Intact); Will Taping Help?

It Hurts to Do Now. Sorry to say I had complications after rev rhino & am as swollen now as in wk 2 post-op,after seeing intended result in wk 5-6.All the shapelessness... READ MORE

Why is the Nose Getting Bigger at 3 Months? Is This Shrink-wrapping? I Am Back Where I Was at 2 Wks Post-op

6 days ago, I hit a blood vessel in my nose because there's so much scar tissue forming after a bump 6 wks ago.It seemed to affect only one side of the nose before & I... READ MORE

My Doctor Says Kenalog Injections Are Risky but I Suspect Excess Scar Tissue Forming Around an Implant; Can Prednisone Help?

I am 3 months post-op & have had some setbacks. I have a ball under my tip/Medpor graft & on my dorsum due to a bump 6 weeks ago; it's stayed/swells up when the nose... READ MORE

Stages of Healing-why Did Swelling Go Down at Such a Fast Rate in 2 Months Post-op, but when It Swelled Again, Progress Slowed?

Sustained a bump & the nose reswelled at least 50% after I glimpsed it at a size/level of definition I didn't know someone w/ my thick oily skin could achieve.The implant... READ MORE

When does taping stop being effective? Four months post-op, had a setback after bumping nose; Medpor implant.

At six weeks post op, I bumped my nose hard & it swelled up again. Six wks after that (3 mths post-of), I massaged it too hard (accidentally), hit a capillary, & it... READ MORE

Is there anything I do other than wait? 4 months post-op, revision rhinoplasty. What goes on when a nose heals?

I saw the final result of a tip elevation & six weeks & stupidly bumped it then--it ballooned up & has given me nothing but problems ever since. It went down so... READ MORE

Why is it safe to receive kenalog injections for cystic acne, but not for prolonged scar tissue/swelling in rhinoplasty?

I'm 4 months post op & massaged the nose too hard 1 month ago. Btw. my thick skin & bad timing, my nose looks awful after healing nicely in the first 6 weeks-its thick,... READ MORE

Can a doctor remove scar tissue from a rhinoplasty if there's a graft in the nose?

I have thick oily skin and have had two setbacks w/ healing after revision rhino w/tip elevation--one an accident at 6 weeks, another b/c I hit a blood vessel pushed under the... READ MORE

Rubbed nose too hard when it was still healing from open rhino; turned red, then healed, but is still discolored?

Will this change? Bumped my nose at 6 wks post-op,then massaged too hard at 12 weeks post-op(have since stopped), hitting a blood vessel under my skin that caused half the nose... READ MORE

Follow up question; nose is now swollen on one side after massaging too hard, bulbous, but flexible.What does this mean?

4.5 months post-up & bumped my nose 6 wks post-op, then massaged it too hard on 1side, hitting a blood vessel under the skin.Massive blob of scar tissue around tip,but it... READ MORE

Follow up: Will the nose shrink back again, after an accident? What is "soft tissue swelling"?

I took a blow to the nose at 6 wks & then massaged it too hard 6 weeks later(have since stopped).Before, everything looked horrible till wk 5, when nose finally started to... READ MORE

Does swelling time increase w/ each rhinoplasty? I am having prolonged swelling/scar tissue formation & I worry it's the Medpor.

I had a trimmed Medpor implant put in my nose for open/revision rhino. The nose looked horrible for four weeks, finally started to reveal itself at 5, & looked great at 6,... READ MORE

I have a nasal implant and might need a revision. Is it safe for me to use Lamictal/lamitrogene?

I have a medpor implant in my nose following a 10 month old open rhinoplasty. I think I may need a revision. A psychiatrist prescribed me lamitrogene/Lamictal and I'm worried... READ MORE

Nose still bulbous 10 months after rhinoplasty & 7 months after a post-op injury that made it reswell. Do I need a revision?

I had a medpor tip-top graft put in my tip June of last yr in an open rhino. I injured myself in September when the nose was finally seemed healed/showed the final result... READ MORE

Severely injured nose & need an implant removed 10 months ago. When is it safe to plan on a revision?

I injured my nose once 6 wks post op after it "settled" & 12 weeks. The 2nd time, the nose swelled to 2x what I saw when the cast came off. I saw my surgeon to ensure the... READ MORE

Nose appeared healed at 2 months post op Rhinoplasty, now it is bulbous & pink, do I need a revision?

11 months post op,can't tell if I need a revision;. Had open rhino w/a medpor graft placed in my nose about 10 mnths ago;injured it pretty badly 3 months post op;nose... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - do I wait for issues to resolve, or get second revision?

3 months out after rev rhino,nose seemed "healed" but I injured it SEVERELY. It reswelled up about 200%, but the medpor graft is intact (surgeon checked).Today I am 11 total... READ MORE

11 months since rhinoplasty. Complications, nose throbbing in the spring.

I've posted about my rhino; severely hit nose at 6 weeks & 12 weeks post-op after nose seemed healed. Nose swelled to size it was after cast removal & seems to have stopped... READ MORE

11 months post op; I need to find a doctor other than my own surgeon to administer kenalog injection or advise me.

I feel best way to remove excess scar tissue in thick, oily-skinned patients is a kenalog injection. I had an injury when my nose showed pleasing contours at 12 weeks; nose... READ MORE

Follow-up: should thick-skinned patients just give up on 3rd rhinoplasties? If I get surgery now, am I asking for disaster?

I've thick skin & am pretty sure I botched my surgery 3 months post op. 8 months after an injury that made the nose reswell, nose healed some, but I see that the sides of the... READ MORE

I'm 90% sure I need my medpor implant removed following complications 11 mths post-op; unsure what to do or how to handle this?

Medpor graft put in septum June '13.Nose injured 3 mths post op;surgeon checked implant intact,said to wait 6 mths. 8 mths later,tip looks as it did when tape came off 1 yr ago... READ MORE

Follow up: injured nose 9 months ago & can now clearly see I shifted my Medpor implant. When should I get a revision?

9 mts ago I severely injured my nose & now know for certain I did not break my medpor implant, but shifted it,along w/ear cartilage holding in.11 mths post-op. Disk visible... READ MORE

2nd revision with implant removal. How much time should I plan to take off work?

I've been through 1 rev. rhinoplasty for the final result revealed itself at 5-6 weeks, but the nose required 8 days of bedrest. I sustained an injury that knocked a medpor... READ MORE

I injured my nose severely & shifted my implant. Can a nose be rotated/refined again in 3rd revision after the trauma?

Medpor implant put into my septum for tip refinement, elevation/rotation 1 year ago. At 1 & 3 months post op,sustained injuries (major, then minor, but tissue had been... READ MORE

What is the right implant for thick, heavy skin revision? 3rd Rhinoplasty with removal of old implant; worried about rib.

I've suffered complications with a shifted medpor implant that will have to come out. I have very thick skin so I'm going to need another implant to support my nose structure,... READ MORE

I need shifted medpor implant & excess scarring removed.Medpor is slightly infected. Implant replacement in single surgery safe?

Injury 9 months ago shifted medpor implant that was placed in my septum to narrow my tip.11 months post-op,I can see localized scar tissue/pollybeak,deviation & minor infection... READ MORE

Thick-skinned patient that needs Medpor implant in tip removed--columellar strut or implant? What's the difference?

I was injured after having a medpor tip-top graft + ear cartilage put into a nose that lacked real cartilage/was scarred from 2005 rhino. Now the nose is massively... READ MORE

Follow-up: tip revision in huge post op nose-material for Asian patient removing implant? No pus,blood or pain in tip

Got 2nd rhino for tip narrowing/rotation using trimmed medpor graft put in ear cartilage/septum.Injured at month 3;swelled up 200%. 12 months post op; nose healed a little but... READ MORE

How do I choose a Revision Rhinoplasty specialist when every surgeon that advertises Rhinoplasty, refers to it on their website?

I have spent the last the last year following complications from a rhinoplasty looking for someone that can help me. Each one that has a webpage makes at least one reference to... READ MORE

How can a rib graft refine and narrow a tip in thick skin/revision Tip Plasty?

Sustained a trauma that altered the shape of a tip revised using a trimmed medpor graft + ear cartilage last yr. Everything was fine till I was injured in week 8 & week 12... READ MORE

Follow-up: lymphatic overflow in nose 1 year post op. Surgeon refuses to administer kenalog. Please can you advise me?

I was injured after open rhino in such a way that it did not cause extrusion of my medpor implant, but it offset healing. Right side healed; left side definitely was swollen... READ MORE

Is a Medpor implant really that difficult and dangerous to remove from the nose?

Had open rhino w/a small Medpor put in my septum to rotate/refine my tip 1 yr ago.Unfortunately, my nose is very big due to scar tissue/failure of the skin to contract much... READ MORE

Is there any NYC revision surgeon skilled in multiple rhinoplasties & safe handling of medpor removal?

1 year post op, thick skin,Medpor tip top graft placed in septum to rotate/refine tip. Nose healed well till week 6;experienced injury that nevertheless did NOT shift implant,... READ MORE

Injectable fillers for midface hypoplasia/flat cheekbones? Can I get cheek implants later?

I have recessed cheekbones and a protruding jaw. I feel jaw surgery is too invasive and would like to bring the middle part of my face/my eyes forward through other means. What... READ MORE

Would Silastic implants or rib be best for me for a revision Rhinoplasty in ethnic patients in dorsum or tip?

Unsuccessful 2nd rhinoplasty involving a medpor tip top graft put into tip to refine/rotate a bulbous, overprojected nose.I healed well till I was injured.I was told to wait a... READ MORE

Follow up: Weir exisions to narrow bulbous, asymmetrical, overprojected nose in revision. I am 1 year post op. Risks?

Surgeon narrowed/rotated nose w/a medpor implant in my columella to pinch the tip closed.An injury led to lots of scarring, swelling, & excess tip drooping from dorsum and tip... READ MORE

Are facial exercises counterintuitive if I have an over pronounced jaw line?

I have midface hypoplasia, a wide, square face (temples same width as jawline), and an overpronounced jaw/crossbite. I would like to consult a dermatologist or surgeon to... READ MORE

Will Botox reduce over pronounced jaw/treat TMJ?

What sort of specialist do I consult to inject Botox into my masseter muscles in the hopes of a more feminine jawline? Does it matter if I consult a dermatologist or plastic... READ MORE

Diced cartilage or fascia in an ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty? What's the difference? What are the drawbacks of one or the other?

I had a rev. rhinoplasty 1 yr ago w/a medpor tip-top graft but need a revision due to injury. (No pus or extrusion.) Previous surgeon narrowed/refined my own nose subtly,w/out... READ MORE

Can a nose be rotated more than once? I'd like to deproject nose left bulbous by scar tissue.

One year ago I had a 2nd rhinoplasty that involved putting a medpor implant in my columella to "elevate" and refine previously unsupported, heavy tip. I was injured after... READ MORE

Alar base reduction pros and cons in revision rhinoplasty? Can an ethnic nose be narrowed without it?

I plan on having a 3rd revision rhinoplasty to remove an implant & excess bulky scar tissue in the tip. A surgeon suggested alar base reductions to narrow a bulbous, heavy tip.... READ MORE

How do deal with mid face hypoplasia--pyriform aperture surgery, braces, or fillers?

I have a flat/recessed midface due to genetic crossbite & a protruding jaw.A plastic surgeon suggested combining rhinoplasty with augmentation w/implants in the nasolabial area... READ MORE

Can a nose that healed asymmetrically be revised? Can septal cartilage be shaped to narrow a bulbous, thick-skinned tip?

Previous surgeon used a columellar Medpor implant topped w/ear cartilage to refine/rotate a droopy, bulbous tip. Surgeon appeared able to give me a straight, slightly... READ MORE

What are downsides to using septal cartilage to build a tip? What are complications?

I had a bulbous, droopy tip revised one year ago using a medpor tip-top graft in my columella & ear cartilage. I was injured one month post-op & later 3 months post-op. The tip... READ MORE

What are precautions that must be taken with kenalog?

1 year post-op,had an open rhino that healed badly. Lots of scar tissue due to post-op injury; implant topped with ear cartilage. I am considering a revision that would remove... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have "weak natural cartilages"? What is cartilage buckling & how can I avoid it in in my revision?

Indian patient, heavy skin. Injured after rev rhino last year so the left side of the nose/left side of the tip is more swollen & makes it "tilt". Injured parts are discolored... READ MORE

Midface implant or orthognathic surgery for ethnic midface hypoplasia?

I'm an ethnic patient with very wide jawline & a collapsed midface, making my nasolabial folds very deep. I have a crossbite but not to the extent that it's noticeable unless... READ MORE

Is a closed revision septorhinoplasty around cartilage, scar tissue, & an implant realistic for good outcome?

1 yr ago I had a revision w/ medpor implant in columella topped w/ear cartilage to rotate/refine tip. Post-op, nose injured & reswelled again,so much the tip migrated left... READ MORE

I have midface hyperplasia, protruding jaw, crossbite. How do I correct this dentally/cosmetically? (Photo)

This woman's "before" image is similar to my own. I find her on site discussing orthognathic surgery. I have a slight crossbite & my face is wide/square w/ a rectangular jaw... READ MORE

What should I be worried about when it comes to uninfected medpor removal? Can I revise a rhino w/out disturbing the implant?

I was injured after a rhinoplasty that used a medpor implant in my columella. My ear cartilage shifted & there is a lot of scar tissue. I am now 1 yr post op; tissue soft.... READ MORE

Is it safe for a surgeon to administer kenalog injections at the time of surgery?

I am 1 year post op open rhino & would like to revise a rhinoplasty that used ear cartilage & medpor. I have a lot of scar tissue to remove as well. Two surgeons consulted... READ MORE

If I want midface or paranasal implants in the future, do I need to have it done at the same time as rhinoplasty?

I would like a revision rhinoplasty in the upcoming year but I also after overjet/crossbite & worsening midface hypoplasia, so I am considering either fillers, Invisalign, or... READ MORE

What is the difference between midface and paranasal implants? Will either inhibit my use of braces?

I have serious nasolabial folds and a crooked smile due to TMJ and collapsed midface. I might conservative correction of this because it is making me look like a frown... READ MORE

Can I treat TMJ with Botox off label and Invisalign in the same time period?Who do I consult for Botox, orthodontist or surgeon?

My overjet and crowding is both unnattractive and painful; I'm at the point where I suspect teeth problems are causing head and neck soreness too. I would like to treat both... READ MORE

Can an orthodontist tell me if I need jaw surgery/oral surgery or not for TMJ?

I have head and neck pain in part due to a shifting jaw and maloclussion. I'd like to treat my jaw with Botox or treat the upper teeth and see if that solves the problem. Can... READ MORE

Is it safe to seek jaw surgery or hypoplasia after open Rhinoplasty?

I was hoping to get both revision rhinoplasty of a bulbous droopy tip and some treatment for midface hypoplasia/recessed maxilla in the next year. Would it be smarter to wait... READ MORE

Serious jaw, neck and shoulder pain due to poorly-healed rhinoplasty with columellar implant. What can I do, short of revision?

I was injured after a rhinoplasty so I suspect I shifted the columellar medpor implant put in to elevate my tip down/to the left against the upper jaw. That is where the... READ MORE

1 year post op, I have Trigeminal neuralgia after rhinoplasty. How can I treat this?

I am one year post op after rhinoplasty with a medpor implant that was put in my columella. The nose did not heal well & I feel nerve pressure in my maxilla area. The "bad"... READ MORE

Medpor implant in columella for rhino causing pressure/neuralgia on left side of face/body.Course of pain/revision treatment?

1 yr after open rhino;surgeon used medpor tip top graft in columella to rotate tip.Nose injured mnth post op;suspect implant & cartilage in tip shifted down & leftward.For last... READ MORE

I have migraine pain after badly healed rhinoplasty. Can a revision fix this?

I am 1 year post op, w/a poorly healed rhinoplasty including ear cartilage and a columellar implant; there's shifted ear cartilage & scar tissue on the left side/tip. When I... READ MORE

What happens to fillers as they wear off? Do they turn to scar tissue like Alloderm?

So many famous patients of cosmetic surgery look unnatural and have crepey, unnaturally smooth or sagging skin in the areas I would like a more attractive contour without... READ MORE

Which helps slim sides of face better, lower chin liposuction or Botox?

I have both a wide stereo typically "Asian" face (flat droopy cheeks, temples as wide as jaw) and a soft one with little bone structure in my cheeks. I would like a slimmer... READ MORE

Are kenalog injections safe for a nose if a rhinoplasty patient is on Accutane?

I want to get a revision rhinoplasty soon, and then start Accutane a month later. But even after surgery, I expect I will need kenalog injections as part of healing from... READ MORE

What surgeries or procedures can be done for very deep set/sunken-looking eyes?

I have a natural double eyelid but my eyes are nevertheless incredibly deep sunken, exacerbating hollows underneath and generally making me look tired and angry all the time. I... READ MORE

What are the side effects to masseter reduction with Botox, and how long does the swelling last?

I would like to try slimming a square, heavy jawline through Botox injections with either a dermatologist or a surgeon. How many units are considered moderate for a... READ MORE

Followup: what is the risk of jowliness or paralyzation using Botox for the masseter?

How likely is it using Botox to feminize a jawline creates "jowliness" in patients with excess skin, or in exposure of the buccal pad? What is the minimum amount injected on... READ MORE

Still having breathing problems after revision rhinoplasty/implant removal. Left nostril is semi-closed. Can I still fix this?

This week I had an open rhinoplasty to fix an assymetric, bulky, droopy tip with a board certified surgeon. Previously the tip was so heavy it was twisting the nose left/down,... READ MORE

Does a nose have to re-rotated/rotated again in revision to achieve symmetry?

18 mths ago,I had a rhinoplasty/tip rotation that healed very badly.Sides healed differently--the right was "good" while the left "dropped" & seemingly derotated/hooked left. I... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty can nasolabial folds be injected?

I had a open rhinoplasty recently & the swelling is average to good, but my nose is slightly assymetrical in projection, & probably will stay that way. The left side of the... READ MORE

Followup: rhinoplasty & can see very clearly septum/nostrils are left leaning after I asked doctor to straighten nose. Revision?

I had a revision 1 week ago for a nose that was heavier/droopier on the left side due to poor healing. (In previous rhino, "good" side stayed rotated, "bad" side dropped,... READ MORE

Follow-up: is rotation the only way to make a crooked nose even? Can straightening be done without it?

In 2013, my tip was originally rotated 3mm in rhino, but one side was hit & dropped/derotated to the left, making my whole face/septum uneven. I had a rhinoplasty this week to... READ MORE

Just had rhinoplasty to remove implant & am experiencing middle vault collapse & deviation that went uncorrected. Pls advise

My surgeon removed an implant from my deviated nose & sewed in an overlay graft,but failied to correct the deviation in rotation (left side hanging, right side normal).One side... READ MORE

Deviated nose was left deviated but septum was overcorrected in revision rhionplasty. How do I resolve this?

I went to a surgeon to correct a crooked nose & he left the tip deviation, while overcorrecting septum. Left vault is closed; right side of septum resected, causing serious... READ MORE

Followup: surgeon left nose crooked, sutured in septal graft crooked, & resected wrong side of septum. Painful breathing.

In brief, 2 wks ago, my surgeon left a crooked nose crooked & the septal graft is blocking/pulling down my left vault. He resected the right side of my septum & I have very bad... READ MORE

Can a surgeon debulk other parts of the nose after tip-plasty & w/out open Rhinoplasty?

I had a surgeon use open tipplasty to remove an implant in an hour & insert septal cartilage. The nose was deviated before to the left; it is now, very obviously, esp. due to... READ MORE

How can a patient be sure a doctor is listening to them?

I asked my surgeon to remove an implant and straight a deviated, poorly healed nose, and he only removed the implant from the nasal tip-no scar tissue removal. He also left my... READ MORE

Surgeon left nose derotated & deviated on one side, causing partial nostril closure/obstruction. What do I do? Breathing pain

My revision surgeon didn't rotate my nasal tip properly. One side is now rotated so there is free air passage. The one nostril is practically down on my lip. Surgeon used... READ MORE

Rev. rhino: How can a tip be re-rotated & centered endonasally? Surgeon left it crooked with septal grafted deviated

I am a tertiary rhino patient. I went to my surgeon w/thick oily skin, mature scarring, & a deviated, derotated implant. A surgeon removed a compromised columellar implant... READ MORE

Collapsed nasal vault and severe pain in arms and legs. Surgeons says to wait 2 months after rhino.

For reasons I don't understand my surgeon removed a graft but didn't remove scar tissue in collapsed vault. I am three weeks post op. No scarring was removed, so I assume new... READ MORE

Can a kenalog injection in a collapsed lateral nasal valve help? Are they dangers to indentation?

My surgeon offered to soften old scarring left over a collapsed valve in my bridge in 2 months. I am in great pain and would like some relief, but I worry about permanent dents... READ MORE

Can septal grafts be shaven down and reused?

I had a surgeon use an onlay shield graft in my tip, but he left mature scar tissue and did not narrow my nose first. I feel it is too big & it was settled in my tip unevenly.... READ MORE

Can nasal tip projection and elevation be negotiated endonasally?

I have a very unevenly projected nose (septal graft in assymetric tip) the right side of my tip has little or no projection, and the left is derotated, but well-projected. I... READ MORE

Is vault pressure going to resolve or will pain decrease after rhinoplasty?

Had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty/tip revision. After the removal of scarring & ear cartilage in my tip, there is now very distinct asymmetry-middle vault collapse on the right... READ MORE

What is the soonest I can modify a rhinoplasty that already has a septal cartilage graft inside?

I had a revision where septal cartilage was put in my tip in open rhino. It's hard as a rock now, 1 month post op, but my surgeon the graft before my nose was debulked in the... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapsed caused by derotation/nose pulling down after rhinoplasty. Will counterrotation be enough to help?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that was just revised & left breathing issues unaddressed. One of these is a nasal valve collapse on the left side, the side that is pulling... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have nasal vault collapse or not, or just swelling and pressure?

I had a poorly healed rhinoplasty that pulled my nose down hard to the left & started feeling pressure 8 months afterward in upper lateral wall. One month ago I attempted to... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapse after rhinoplasty causing nonstop headaches. What is the solution?

My nose was left deviated and I have nasal valve collapse/scarring. It has not gotten better after a month post op. My surgeon recommended Rhinocort. I definitely will want a... READ MORE

I was injured after rhinoplasty. I think I have either a collapsed valve or scar tissue. Do I need a CT scan?

I was hit in the face that left the left of my nose droopier & more projected than the right. I know I have scar tissue compressing an upper valve, but I definitely feel a... READ MORE

Can a nasal valve collapse result from rhinoplasty?

I was hit in the face. No bones were broken, but my dorsum was lowered in rhinoplasty & I immediately felt a lot of pressure on the left upper side. I suspect I had valve... READ MORE

Can a caudal strut graft and tip elevation be adjusted endonasally?

My surgeon sewed my caudal strut graft so low it's pulling my nose down when I smile, and one side of my nose is markedly higher than the other. It's uncomfortable. Can he... READ MORE

Can a surgeon make a septal cartilage tip graft smaller with endonasal Rhino?

My surgeon did a poor job refining my tip and used what I feel is a larger, lopsided cartilage graft in my nose. I would have preferred ear cartilage and now regret not asking.... READ MORE

Had injured nose fixed, now I can't breathe out of left nostril. My dorsum was lowered and is now deviated. What should I do?

I was injured,I went to my surgeon to help reset my nose, & all he did was remove some scar tissue from the tip, leaving my nose deviated & a collapsed lateral valve.This is... READ MORE

How can a surgeon narrow a wide, flat nose without projecting it and making it bulky?

In the past a surgeon used a Medpor tip top graft to pinch the sides of my nose closed, and then elevate it by putting the "stem" in my columella. I had it removed due to... READ MORE

Why should I have to wait a year to remove a septal cartilage graft that was put in incorrectly?

Surgeon switched out ear cartilage for septal cartilage in revision in my tip. Tip is bulging & hard as a rock now at 2 months post op;in primary surgery, ear cartilage was... READ MORE

5 weeks post op in septorhinoplasty, headaches only getting more painful. What do I do in revision to make the pain stop?

I had a deviated, wide nose when I went to a surgeon who used septal cartilage in a septorhinoplasty. He resected septal cartilage to create an onlay graft...& put that graft... READ MORE

Painful eye pressure & headaches due to valve pressure following septorhinoplasty. Please advise.

2 months ago, surgeon removed a medpor graft that was holding the sides of my nose closed with the "wings" & elevating the the tip.I was injured,so he took the medpor out. He... READ MORE

Can a surgeon/ENT reuse a septal onlay graft that was put in crooked?

My surgeon removed an impacted medpor columellar implant to put in a septal cartilage shield graft that was put in crooked. He also lowered my dorsum & derotated me. B/c the... READ MORE

Can the cross of a septal shield graft/columellar trut graft be straightened with a closed rhinoplasty if it was put in crooked?

I have a nose similar to this after rhinoplasty with a septal shield graft & columella graft; the nose is twisting. I am 2 months post op, but I went to my surgeon to correct a... READ MORE

If I use Rhinocort to treat pain caused my internal valve pressure & turbinate swelling, will it cause permanent damage?

I went through a bad rhinoplasty & my surgeon sewed me up crooked/derotated on one side so that my tip is actually below my nostrils. Will I risk using my sense of smell if I... READ MORE

How can a surgeon narrow a wide droopy nasal tip without adding projecting that becomes bulky?

I am an Asian patient that previously had a medpor graft removed because it was infected, but it was holding a very wide droopy tip closed while narrowing it. My surgeon... READ MORE

Implant removed in surgery, and now I can only breath through one nostril. The nose is also too wide. Can this be fixed?

I have an assymetric bulbous nose 2 months after tipplasty removing an implant that was pinching the sides of my nose closed so I could breath comfortably. Ear cartilage was... READ MORE

When is it safe to address a valve collapse & old scar tissue? Surgeon removed implant w/out removing the scar tissue above

A surgeon left my nose twisted after rhinoplasty due to not addressing nasal deviation. He only worked in the tip but he did not remove old scar tissue & because of the... READ MORE

Can a nose be safely operated on if there's still some edema caused by scarring?

Nasal valve collapse correction caused by unaddressed scar tissue & cartilage removal. A surgeon derotated my nose at an odd angle in rhinoplasty & left old scar tissue in... READ MORE

Can a septal shield graft be rotated or resized smaller in endonasal Rhinoplasty?

My surgeon left a lot of flaws in my nose (deviation, old scar tissue). I also regret putting in the shield graft. It's too big; I realize now I should have asked him for a... READ MORE

I was hurt after primary rhino, have eye pain, and after revision, eye pain is a lot worse. What should I do?

I was hit hard after primary rhino & noticed pain, probably from collapsed valve. I went to get a revision & the nose was derotated further on the hurting side so there is even... READ MORE

What grafting techniques or implants best can be used for tip elevation, projection & definition?

I have thick, oily skin that needs to be debulked in revision, rotated, & elevated. I have a wide, flat, droopy, overprojected nose now & would like better support of my tip... READ MORE

Surgeon derotated my nose during surgery & now I worry septum is deviated too. How can it be fixed?

Surgeon removed ear cartilge & put a septal shield graft in my tip. In removing the implant from, he derotated my nose all the way to the left. I now am only breathing through... READ MORE

Is there a graft or technique that narrows the nose while enhancing breathing as well in rhinoplasty?

My primary surgeon put in a columellar polyethelene graft in a conchal/ear cartilage bowl in my nose. It provided dorsal support. When I breathed in, the "wings" collapsed, & I... READ MORE

Skin twisting over nose after rhinoplasty as it shrinks. It's uncomfortable, experiencing sleep apnea due to nostril retraction.

I had a septal cartilage shield graft put in crooked/derotated and it is obstructing breathing in my left nostril. My nostril is retracted on the left side & I am experiencing... READ MORE

I had an alloplastic graft removed in revision & need it put back in to breathe. What do I do?

I had an alloplastic graft encased in ear cartilage-sort of a dual-headed, tip defining alloplastic spreader graft-put in my nose in 2013.Surgery was done in America & graft... READ MORE

Is it a problem if a surgeon adds cartilage to a nose without removing scar from all portions?

A surgeon removed an implant (I now regret letting him-but that's another story) + ear cartilage+ scar in tip but left scar tissue in my dorsum. Doesn't that cause new scar... READ MORE

Can I have am implant put back in? Septal cartilage put in nose with deep scar tissue formation. I dislike the septal graft

I had an implant safely placed in ear cartilage in 2ndary rhinoplasty. I was hit in the face. I had the implant removed b/c I was made to believe during multiple consults, I... READ MORE

Can counterrotation help in revision? Nerve pressure

1.5 months post-op, my surgeon sewed me crooked. Unless I tape my nose upright, I have bad nerve pressure. I don't think I should have to wait a year for this to be fixed, even... READ MORE

My tip derotated, struggling w/ inferior turbinates, & nasal passages are wide; can't get air into both nostrils.Any suggestion?

I had rhinoplasty 2 months ago that did not go well. My nasal tip was complete derotated. I don't believe the problem is swelling b/c as the tip has dropped, breathing has... READ MORE

My surgeon revised the tip without removing old scar tissue from an injury and my breathing is worse.

I was injured last year and had lots of scar tissue. Two months ago a surgeon revised only the tip without correcting the two worse side effects of injury-deep scar tissue... READ MORE

Can a crooked nose be fixed without widening it?

I have a derotated nasal tip due to injury. I can feel a lot more pressure on one side due to valve collapse. I would like to narrow & straighten my nose. Is this achievable... READ MORE

Can I reuse a septal cartilage graft if I don't know it was put in a scarred bed?

I had a tipplasty and a lot of issues--scarring from injury, assymetry, breathing issues-went unaddressed. I don't want my septal cartilage harvested again. How do I know... READ MORE

Nasal tip bulbous & twisted after misguided implant removal. Advice to rectify?

I had ear cartilage used in dorsum + a transcolumellar implant made crooked due to injury removed in order to get scar tissue & restraighten my nose. Instead, my surgeon merely... READ MORE

Follow-up: bulbous twisted nasal tip after surgery

No bones are twisted by my nasal tip/dorsum was deviated around an winged strut implant and ear cartilage due to injury. A surgeon simply removed the strut and cartilage w/out... READ MORE

I strongly dislike a septal shield graft. When can I get it removed?

I had my dorsum lowered so much with the removal of an safely-placed but crooked implant (big mistake) and ear cartilage that I'm experiencing valve collapse & real pain. The... READ MORE

I am a patient with thick oily skin. Isn't it legitimate if a surgeon uses an implant on me, if it's in natural cartilage?

I need dorsal elevation/support. Why do surgeons push septal cartilage when it's hard & thins with time? Aren't there reasons in the patients' interest to use implants, so long... READ MORE

Does anyone have information on nasal rhinoplasty surgeons/reconstructive in NYC? I need reviews from patients.

I cannot find good reviews on facial reconstructive surgeons in NYC that are comfortable with Indian patients and ear cartilage, but that is what I need. READ MORE

How often can the ear be used for cartilage? Asian patient, no septal cartilage to use

I've already had the back of my ear used for one failed rhinoplasty. I need to get it right this time. I need dorsal augmentation, tip support, definition & slight... READ MORE

What's the best cartilage source to define & rotate a nose?

I need dorsal augmentation but still want a softly rounded, feminine tip. I don't feel septal cartilage looks natural. Why might or might not ear cartilage be a better choice... READ MORE

Nasal tip derotated and twisted in bad revision. How can I fix this?

My nasal tip was slightly derotated to the left around a columellar strut. A surgeon removed the strut & now my nasal tip is even more twisted to the left. Isn't the solution... READ MORE

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For those frantic after revision rhino,plan on swelling for at least 4 wks (so don't book anything important);arnica helped me

I really wish I'd just bought a bottle of Arnica gel earlier, instead of hating being around people for 4 weeks. It isn't magic, but it's helped some (I know this now after... READ MORE

Nose filled w/fluid due to setbacks; how do I make the itching/irritation and tingling stop? Is it prednisone? Uncomfortable

I'm sad and disappointed to be this swollen at 3 months when I seemed to be healing well. A week ago I rubbed the nose too hard & it balled up with fluid again, so I went... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had a surgeon safely give them kenalog injections when they had a Medpor implant in their nose?

I had rhinoplasty with tip elevation/rotation and a trimmed tip-top graft to narrow the nose four months ago. The nose looked pretty good at 6 weeks, when it wasn't swollen,... READ MORE

Have any of you sustained a blow to the nose after rhino? How did it affect your results?

I had surgery in June--tip elevation w/ a trimmed medpor implant. It looked awful for first five weeks 90% of the time, except when I got out of the shower, and then suddenly,... READ MORE

Prednisone side effects--for anxious patients, know it can make things worse (read on please)

I wish I had. I didn't realize it till I stopped taking it.  In the first one or two weeks, it was necessary b/c my surgeon wouldn't give me kenalog injections (something... READ MORE

Does anyone have experience with nasal tip implants? Medpor?

I know I've posted a lot here--I've had two setbacks and they're really making life hard.  4.5 months ago I had an implant put in my nose/open rhino. (It's a trimmed... READ MORE

Anyone ever gotten a kenalog injection from a surgeon in NYC (other than Sam Rizk) or from someone other than your own surgeon?

I've posted here alot--I took a blow to the nose and it looks awful. Granted, I know that will delay swelling, but I have thick skin and the scar tissue is enormous. I'd like... READ MORE

Who are the best surgeons with experience removing implants in NYC?

I've admittedly had a lot of setbacks with swelling--so much that my nose is now "horizontal"--but what I've realized is that the nose is a few centimers longer than the old... READ MORE

Very likely going to seek revision to remove medpor/scar tissue in NYC. Please advise. Thinking of consulting Dr. Thomas Romo.

My friend may schedule her wedding for July or August and just go with my monstrous honker nose, so I sort of want to wait, but at the same time....I almost want to do the... READ MORE

Injury after Rhinoplasty caused nose to swell up again around implant--could use some advice how to go forward

Has anyone dealt with severe injury after rhinoplasty? I got tip narrowing and elevation with a medpor implant in June, saw my final result at 6 weeks, got to spend most... READ MORE

Asian-skinned patient needing nose reshaping and medpor implant removal/revision in NY; PLEASE ADVISE.

I need NYC surgeons with experience with Asian/oily skin, medpor implants, and scultping/scar removal. I've seen Dr. Philip Miller, who was incredibly kind, but... READ MORE

Why is it so hard to find surgeons "philosophy of care" on their websites?

I know the obvious answer--they want consult money. And I know their ideas for every patient is different. I need a revision specialist that knows how to deal with a... READ MORE

Replacing a medpor implant in thick-skinned patient--what is your experience with ribs versus silastic implants in tip or dorsum

I have really thick skin and want a Medpor tip top graft out in NYC for a 3rd rhinoplasty. I suspect any surgeon that even has experience with medpor will suggest rib or... READ MORE

Dr. Anthony J. Sclafani for complex revision Rhinoplasty/implant removal?

Board-certified, kind in a consult, and I cannot find a single review from a surgery patient, even though he's in NY Mag. Not a single one. No pictures. Nothing at all. Nothing... READ MORE

Thick skinned/Asian patients, please tell me about your 2nd rhinoplasty revisions or experiences with rib graft in tip

I need a tip revision after an injury ruined a pretty good (from what I saw) outcome with a trimmed medpor tip top graft. I need this out (or at least, all the scar tissue in... READ MORE

Revising a rhinoplasty with septal cartilage and thick ethnic/Asian skin?

Can anyone advise me?I had open rhinoplasty using a small medpor implant topped with ear cartilage and it looked okay by week 6 but an injury (two) made it HUGE. It swelled up... READ MORE

If anyone has had revision rhinoplasty done with Dr. Edmund Kwan, I would be incredibly grateful to hear from you

Last year I had a rhinoplasty with Medpor and ear cartilage that I need revised. It is bulky, lopsided, overprojected and bulbous following an injury. I would like to rebuild... READ MORE

Did any of you with midface hypoplassia consider facial implants (midface implants) instead? Do orthognatic surgeons do this?

I have midface hypoplasia and a wide, square jaw. A plastic surgery suggested midface implants and I'm just not ready for that yet. Has anyone considered both arenas for bone... READ MORE

Teeth, jaw, and neck pain on left side after badly healed rhinoplasty w/ columellar implant. Very frightened. Please advise.

I am taking ibuprofen and it isn't helping. I plan on getting a revision. I didn't really make the connection till 6 months ago. My nose was injured in week 6 after the... READ MORE

Anyone ever had a synthetic (Medpor, Goretex, Silicone) implant REMOVED in a revision? Your experience with pain, swelling, etc.

I'm 100% sure I want a revision and will get one in NYC. I've picked at spoken with a surgeon. I had a bad rhinoplasty in June 2013. It healed in such a way that it's enormous.... READ MORE

Anyone in NYC found a reputable surgeon to inject Botox for jaw contouring and jaw pain relief?

I was thinking of going with Edward Kwan or someone in my own dermatologist's office, but I'd like to do this safely. I want to know the possibility of swelling, bruising,... READ MORE

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Sorry, I missed that message. Man--that's pricey. READ COMMENT

How much did he charge you for a revision? READ COMMENT

@chrissyMariaxo if your nose was broken, you need to go to a double board certified ent/surgeon or a reconstructive surgeon and make them feel your nose all over--sides, bridges, tip. Take a list of your problems and take answers from... READ COMMENT

Eta: I have exactly the same problem as you. SEPTAL SHIELD GRAFTS ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE of the sides of the nose/tip. You need dorsal support, something that will create enough support between your natural nasal spine and the tip. READ COMMENT

You need to get post op notes and find out exactly what grafts were put in you and done. It looks like a shield graft--I have one, and I think they're ugly. I have an assymetric nose too and it looks like your surgeon didn't try to... READ COMMENT