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I Had a Coral (So Said the Surgeon) Tip Graft Put into my Nose to Elevate a Tip That Did Not Need It. Can I Take It out Now?

On the spot my surgeon offered to add a coral graft for "definition" when I went in for a tip duct graft. Six days after surgery, while I realize part of what I'm seeing is... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Medpor and Conchal Implant--was the Medpor a Mistake?

I foolishly agreed to elevate a tip when my doctor suggested it at the last minute before surgery for a bulbous tip & regretted it immediately. I went to him for a tip... READ MORE

Had a Horrible Medpor Impant Put in That Has Seemingly Bifurcated my Nose into 2 Noses Ten Days Ago. Steroid Shots?

It was put in during a revision (open) rhino. I fear it will be this swollen now as it is in three days. The tip was angled unnaturally high and I have a bump below my bridge.... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty with Tip Elevation I Regret; Steroid Injection from a Surgeon Other Than the One That Did Surgery?

I'm a woman w/ a bulbous, ethnic nose, thick skin & a slightly droopy tip that got a revision (open) rhinoplasty 12 days ago.After 1 wk Medoral dose pack, the swelling is... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Acne After an Open Rhino W/out Inducing Swelling?

I made the horrible mistake of agreeing to a tip elevation (w/medpor-the surgeon never told me what it was)making my short, bulbous nose doubly so for open/rev rhino. Not only... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Other Than the One That Performed Surgery Administer Kenalog Injections 3-4 Wks After Rhino?

How Long Till They kick in, & how long do they last? I got an open rhinoplasty/medpor implant that looks awful 2 weeks ago & hate how I look, but the swelling (in &... READ MORE

Area Under Tip & Ball of Nose Keep Swelling/refilling After Open Revision Rhino W/ Medpor Ear Cartilage?

  So Bad I Can't Even tell how much my surgeon angled/rotated me,but I worry that b/c I didn't speak up/misunderstood how he would elevate my tip (offered at the last... READ MORE

How Do I Encourage Lymphatic Drainage in a Tip Elevation W/ Medpor Poretex/natural Cartilage?

I look like I have a snout b/c I foolishly agreed to elevate my nasal tip. I also worry my tip was rotated. I had a short nose to begin with but now the ball above the tip, the... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have a Medpor Implant in my Tip Removed Before It Can Be De-rotated?

I had an open revision rhino w/ a Medpor/pore-tex implant, ear cartilage, & tip elevation. I don't like how much my tip was angled up so high (3 cm--only found out after... READ MORE

Why Do Arnica, Neem, Saw Palmetto, Ubiquinone and Other Supplements Meant to Help with Acne Break Me Out?

I tried the supplements above to help with swelling, bruising/hyperpigmentation,hair thinning, post-acne pitting, & hormonal acne that came about/persisted thru 100 mg/day... READ MORE

When Can I De-rotate my Tip After a Medpor Implant and Open Revision Rhino? I Now Have a Doubly Bulbous Thick Indian Nose.

I am at 3 weeks post op after having my nose angled up 3 mm w/ Medporpore-tex/ear cartilage & regret it. I want my tip back in the place it was; my nose is more bulbous... READ MORE

Massage Technique to Help W/nasal Tip Edema That Raises Bulbous Rotated Tip Up Even More?

I had a tip debulking & agreed minutes before surgery to raise my tip, not knowing how it would look front. I now deeply regret this overcorrection. Doctor used Medpor... READ MORE

Best Massage Technique for a Swollen, Rigid Tip 1 Month Post-op to Make It Go Lower & Decrease Pressure, Edema, and Pain?

Thick-skinned non smoker/drinker;had open revision rhino 32 days ago w/ a trimmed Medpor porex tip top graft, (doctor didn't tell me about the Medpor),ear cartilage,& tip... READ MORE

Decades of Hormonal Acne and the Cysts Also Come Back in the Same Place; is Surgical Removal of Repeat Cysts an Option?

I've had hormonal cystic acne for 15 yrs;I'm 26 now.The cysts always come back in the same locations, esp. during my period. Been on Monodox for 3 or 4 months & it's... READ MORE

Can I Undo an Upward Tip Rotation Without Disturbing a Medpor Implant? Patient W/very Thick Ethnic Skin?

5 wks ago in a lapse of judgment I had my nasal tip to be elevated in open revision rhino. I found out after the surgery a Medpor tip top graft (& ear cartilage) was placed... READ MORE

Accutane at Any Time Before Revision Rhinoplasty? Thick Ethnic, Acne Prone Skin

In the last ten years after aldactone, antiobiotics, topical treatments, & birth control, it is the only thing that has helped with persistent moderate/severe hormonal... READ MORE

How Soon After Bad Rhinoplasty W/ Overrated Tip Can I Try Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

My tip was elevated with Medpor tip top graft /ear cartilage in open revision rhino 8 weeks ago. I have thick skin & I know part of what I'm seeing is normal swelling, but... READ MORE

Trimmed Medpor Tip Top Graft & Ear Cartilage Put in Tip; on the Fence Abt Result/want to Go Back on Accutane.Should I Remove It?

Let me say I am confident in the skill of my surgeon, if not our relationship.I've Asian skin; this was revision rhino, so for all I know I have limited "natural" resources of... READ MORE

Are Tip Elevation and Tip Rotation One and the Same?

I had a medium long, bulbous, ethnic nose with little internal structure to support heavy skin & had a rev rhino that included what my doc called "tip elevation". In pics... READ MORE

Had my Nose Shortened Through Tip Rotation & Dislike the Look; How Can I Remedy This & Get the Length of my Nose Back?

I agreed to a tip elevation based on a profile picture presented 10 minutes before surgery. I know 7 wks is early to comment on results, but I feel this was a mistake; I liked... READ MORE

Nose Was Pulled Downward 7 Wks After Open Rhino with a Small Medpor Implant in my Septum & Swelled Up Pink/throbs Some-now What?

It was pink, then purple, then pink, swollen, and tender. It was mostly settled when this happened (& I just seen my surgeon, who commented himself that it was still a... READ MORE

Pretty Sure I Pulled (Dissolvable?) Suture from Up Inside Nose After Open Rhino at 8 Weeks; Nose Swelled. Am I Okay?

Now, after sleeping on it, it's tender, but not shape is lost. It's definitely tender to the touch/eye, though, & a little brown on the bottom. I've applied icing, am... READ MORE

Got Hit in Nose 7 Wks Post-op Rhino with Medpor; Something's Now Poking, the Implant?

Implant put in the septum/placed in ear cartilage.After the blow, the hump (dorsum?) on down was pink-purple-no blood/or pus.In 3 days,it's mostly down, no redness, some... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Me to Tape my Nose After Revision Rhino if There's a Medpor Implant/ear Cartilaje in the Tip?

7-8 wks ago my doctor put a trimmed Medpor implant packed in cartilage in my septum to elevate my tip.I hit my nose & it swelled up almost as it did after surgery,but... READ MORE

Nose Pulled Downward at 6 Weeks Post Op, was Mostly Settled, & Now is Not Sore, but Different, even at 3 Mths Post-op?

Accident at 6 wks post-op; nose pulled downward, swelled up pink, & then went back to normal color in a week but is renewed puffy even 6 wks after accident,12 post-op... READ MORE

6 Wks Post Op, Stupid Accident After Rev Rhino; 6 Wks Later, Layer of Scar Tissue from Dorsum to Base. Surgeon Refuses Kenalog?

I very stupidly had an accident at 6 wks post-op. It was the first day I finally saw my nose mostly settled (tip elevation, medpor implant). Now, 6 wks after that, the nose no... READ MORE

Very Frightened I Shifted a Medpor Implant. No Infection Suspected, but Continual Edema/scar Tissue, W/ Capillary Damage.Advice?

I will see my surgeon,so he can look at it, but long story short,at 6 wks post-op, I am afraid & injured/shifted a rotated medpor implant in my tip. Nose was jerked down,... READ MORE

Wad of Scar Tissue Around Medpor Implant in Nasal Tip, Did Not Respond to Predisone; is Kenalog Safe? Ball is Blocking Lymph

I injured my nose a day after I saw the healed result (in the evening, when nose was unswelled) at 6 wks. 6 wks later, I realized a ball of scar tissue has formed, same size as... READ MORE

Injured Self at 6 Wks After Rhinoplasty. Now 3 Mths Post-op & Implant is Intact but Ball of Scar Tissue Grown All Around Medpor?

The nose was healed,I saw the final result & was happy w/it.When I bumped it, it was a hard bump,but discoloration went away after 1 week.However, a big ball of scar tissue... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Swelling, Scar Tissue,& Bulbousness? 3 Months Post-op--will my Nose Go Back Down?

I had rev rhino w/ a trimmed Medpor implant/tip elevation/narrowing. At 6 wks, the 1st day I saw the final shape (in the evening, when the nose is usually unswollen),I... READ MORE

Massaged Nose Too Hard Accidentally While Healing from Injury/dealing with Scar Tissue Formation. Now Nose is Engorged Again?

Is there anything I can do but wait? There's scar tissue forming around the tip graft & scar tissue/swelling in the dorsum, but I hit a blood vessel & bled under the... READ MORE

Nose is Gelatinous at 3 Months Post-op Due to Complications (no Infection, Implant Intact); Will Taping Help?

It Hurts to Do Now. Sorry to say I had complications after rev rhino & am as swollen now as in wk 2 post-op,after seeing intended result in wk 5-6.All the shapelessness... READ MORE

Why is the Nose Getting Bigger at 3 Months? Is This Shrink-wrapping? I Am Back Where I Was at 2 Wks Post-op

6 days ago, I hit a blood vessel in my nose because there's so much scar tissue forming after a bump 6 wks ago.It seemed to affect only one side of the nose before & I... READ MORE

My Doctor Says Kenalog Injections Are Risky but I Suspect Excess Scar Tissue Forming Around an Implant; Can Prednisone Help?

I am 3 months post-op & have had some setbacks. I have a ball under my tip/Medpor graft & on my dorsum due to a bump 6 weeks ago; it's stayed/swells up when the nose... READ MORE

Stages of Healing-why Did Swelling Go Down at Such a Fast Rate in 2 Months Post-op, but when It Swelled Again, Progress Slowed?

Sustained a bump & the nose reswelled at least 50% after I glimpsed it at a size/level of definition I didn't know someone w/ my thick oily skin could achieve.The implant... READ MORE

When does taping stop being effective? Four months post-op, had a setback after bumping nose; Medpor implant.

At six weeks post op, I bumped my nose hard & it swelled up again. Six wks after that (3 mths post-of), I massaged it too hard (accidentally), hit a capillary, & it... READ MORE

Is there anything I do other than wait? 4 months post-op, revision rhinoplasty. What goes on when a nose heals?

I saw the final result of a tip elevation & six weeks & stupidly bumped it then--it ballooned up & has given me nothing but problems ever since. It went down so... READ MORE

Why is it safe to receive kenalog injections for cystic acne, but not for prolonged scar tissue/swelling in rhinoplasty?

I'm 4 months post op & massaged the nose too hard 1 month ago. Btw. my thick skin & bad timing, my nose looks awful after healing nicely in the first 6 weeks-its thick,... READ MORE

Can a doctor remove scar tissue from a rhinoplasty if there's a graft in the nose?

I have thick oily skin and have had two setbacks w/ healing after revision rhino w/tip elevation--one an accident at 6 weeks, another b/c I hit a blood vessel pushed under the... READ MORE

Rubbed nose too hard when it was still healing from open rhino; turned red, then healed, but is still discolored?

Will this change? Bumped my nose at 6 wks post-op,then massaged too hard at 12 weeks post-op(have since stopped), hitting a blood vessel under my skin that caused half the nose... READ MORE

Follow up question; nose is now swollen on one side after massaging too hard, bulbous, but flexible.What does this mean?

4.5 months post-up & bumped my nose 6 wks post-op, then massaged it too hard on 1side, hitting a blood vessel under the skin.Massive blob of scar tissue around tip,but it... READ MORE

Follow up: Will the nose shrink back again, after an accident? What is "soft tissue swelling"?

I took a blow to the nose at 6 wks & then massaged it too hard 6 weeks later(have since stopped).Before, everything looked horrible till wk 5, when nose finally started to... READ MORE

Does swelling time increase w/ each rhinoplasty? I am having prolonged swelling/scar tissue formation & I worry it's the Medpor.

I had a trimmed Medpor implant put in my nose for open/revision rhino. The nose looked horrible for four weeks, finally started to reveal itself at 5, & looked great at 6,... READ MORE

I have a nasal implant and might need a revision. Is it safe for me to use Lamictal/lamitrogene?

I have a medpor implant in my nose following a 10 month old open rhinoplasty. I think I may need a revision. A psychiatrist prescribed me lamitrogene/Lamictal and I'm worried... READ MORE

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For those frantic after revision rhino,plan on swelling for at least 4 wks (so don't book anything important);arnica helped me

I really wish I'd just bought a bottle of Arnica gel earlier, instead of hating being around people for 4 weeks. It isn't magic, but it's helped some (I know this now after... READ MORE

Nose filled w/fluid due to setbacks; how do I make the itching/irritation and tingling stop? Is it prednisone? Uncomfortable

I'm sad and disappointed to be this swollen at 3 months when I seemed to be healing well. A week ago I rubbed the nose too hard & it balled up with fluid again, so I went... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had a surgeon safely give them kenalog injections when they had a Medpor implant in their nose?

I had rhinoplasty with tip elevation/rotation and a trimmed tip-top graft to narrow the nose four months ago. The nose looked pretty good at 6 weeks, when it wasn't swollen,... READ MORE

Have any of you sustained a blow to the nose after rhino? How did it affect your results?

I had surgery in June--tip elevation w/ a trimmed medpor implant. It looked awful for first five weeks 90% of the time, except when I got out of the shower, and then suddenly,... READ MORE

Prednisone side effects--for anxious patients, know it can make things worse (read on please)

I wish I had. I didn't realize it till I stopped taking it.  In the first one or two weeks, it was necessary b/c my surgeon wouldn't give me kenalog injections (something... READ MORE

Does anyone have experience with nasal tip implants? Medpor?

I know I've posted a lot here--I've had two setbacks and they're really making life hard.  4.5 months ago I had an implant put in my nose/open rhino. (It's a trimmed... READ MORE

Anyone ever gotten a kenalog injection from a surgeon in NYC (other than Sam Rizk) or from someone other than your own surgeon?

I've posted here alot--I took a blow to the nose and it looks awful. Granted, I know that will delay swelling, but I have thick skin and the scar tissue is enormous. I'd like... READ MORE

Who are the best surgeons with experience removing implants in NYC?

I've admittedly had a lot of setbacks with swelling--so much that my nose is now "horizontal"--but what I've realized is that the nose is a few centimers longer than the old... READ MORE

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What did your surgeon do? Did he put in an implant? Add cartilage? READ COMMENT

What exactly did you have done--implants put in, any reason the nose would be "pulling" to one side? I have that now too because of complications and worry it will not change. I had weak cartilage in my nose so he put in an implant, but... READ COMMENT

You could use this tape--sensitive Nexacare. You might need to cut it horizontally to cut lengthwise pieces. READ COMMENT

For what it's worth, if you're still bruising, arnica gel helps. (Should have mentioned that before.) I hope you continue to heal well. Be careful not to injure/worry the nose (at least for eight weeks). I know that's obvious but... READ COMMENT

Before you do anything, ask your doctor how he treats post-op swelling if you haven't already and what material he'll be using into your nose. I rushed into it--these are questions to ask BEFORE SURGERY. (Wish I'd seen this sooner.) Ask... READ COMMENT