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Dr. Fisher - Post MWL specialist - brachio, LBL, whole leg lipo - San Antonio, TX

Expected Procedures: Stage 1: • LBL (Which includes; Abdominoplasty, lateral thigh lift, mons reduction and lift, butt lift and auto augmentation, auto augmentation of the hips, high volume suctioning of the thighs) • Extended arm lift. Which removes lateral breast tissue and the upper back... READ MORE

Extended Brachioplasty Post MWL with Dr. Peter Fisher -San Antonio, TX

This is a bit of an x-post, as my "main review" is in the body lift section. I have lost ~200 lbs and was left with lots of extra skin. The trick with MWL folks is the extended arm lift part which takes the skin excision into the armpit and really onto the back section to correct some of the... READ MORE

Questions from onedimsim

Attn: All Doctors That Specialize in Post Massive Body Contouring - What Can You Do for my Thighs? (photo)

There is a great difference in the doc you may choose for a "mommy makeover" vs. those that specialize in Post Massive WL patients. Out of the latter subset, I see many... READ MORE

Whole Leg Liposuction - Need Suggestions for Compression?

I need some suggestions for appropriate compression. 5 weeks ago -LBL, extended brachio, and whole leg lipo. Issue finding proper compression for my legs -main points of... READ MORE

Seeking Information and opinions about Skin Excision/Body Contorting for Calves and Ankles post Massive Weight Loss.

Is there a specific name for this type of procedure (e.g. a thigh lift = "thighplasty")? I am having a hard time finding information on this type of surgery as I understand it... READ MORE

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Ha ha - on current diet i am bearing through black coffee for the first time in my LIFE! I have actually aquired a taste for it....i really need to consider one of the Gluten Free diets - you were doing Primal....we'll see what... READ COMMENT

So get it....we all have at least one thing we can point yo and say "I like this part of my body" those of us with unfortunate legs are envious of such shapely calves and ankles! The joke in my family is "piano legs" is... READ COMMENT

Rocking that bikini there! You have awesome calves btw....jealous :-) READ COMMENT

Hmmmm.....I'm thinking a) a troll or b) someone who posted under a different ID because they didn't have the gumption to post under their primary.....seriously you wrote a review five years ago, and this is your first comment since?... READ COMMENT

Congrats on getting to your big day! Will be watching..... READ COMMENT