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Reviews by IceAge

Genuine Derma Roller Treatment 5x for Scarring - Ontario, Canada

I had 5 Genuine Derma Roller treatments in 2014 to treat facial scarring (not from acne...from picking and from a lesion removal). While I saw an improvement in skin quality, it didn't do much for the scarring. There was some softening of the most recent scar but I don't think it was worth the... READ MORE

Profractional Laser Spot Treatments for Isolated Cheek and Jawline Scars - Ontario, ON

I've tried professional dermarolling and 2 rounds of subcision and filler for isolated boxcar and rolling scars on my cheeks and jawline. I didn't see much improvement. So now I'm on to spot treatments with the Sciton Profractional laser. Settings for my first treatment were 350 microns at 22%... READ MORE

Questions from IceAge

Dermaroller/Dermastamp - Am I Being Unrealistic to Expect Scar Improvement 7 Weeks After One Treatement?

7 weeks ago, I had a derma roller (1.5mm) and stamp (2.0mm) treatment - for rejuvination and about 5 isolated mild-moderate atrophic scars on my cheeks (acne + 1 mole removal).... READ MORE

Are the Results from Dermarolling/micro Needling Permanent?

For mild to moderate atrophic scarring, will the improvement last indefinitely? I see a lot of conflicting answers online, even within the medical community on real self. I... READ MORE

Should I Get a Scar Excision for Saucer Shaped, Atrophic Scars? I Think I'd Prefer a Linear Scar. (photo)

I am a recovering skin picker. I'm now left with several white, saucer shaped atrophic scars. It is a daily reminder of the pain that I went through. I realize I can't get rid... READ MORE

Is hypopigmentation inevitable with spot dermabrasion?

I have a mildly atrophic scar on my cheek (from a skin lesion removal by curettage). It really bothers me and I am considering a spot dermabrasion. To give you a sense of the... READ MORE

Would this scar benefit from a laser treatment? (photos)

If so, which type (i.e. ablative, fractional ablative, non-ablative, etc)?I have a scar from a lesion removal by currettage. It's in the middle of my cheek and I hate it.... READ MORE

Discolored Scar after curettage. What can I do?

3 weeks after a curettage, I vacationed in Mexico. Despite my best efforts to keep the new scar out of the sun, the scar is now discolored (red). What can I do about this? Is... READ MORE

Is there any benefit to performing a subcision for a non-tethered scar?

Is there any benefit to performing a subcision for a non-tethered scar? Or can I just get filler (Juvederm)? Thank you. READ MORE

If certain lasers 're-model' collagen, shouldn't they work for flat scars?

If certain lasers 're-model' collagen, shouldn't they work for flat scars (not necessarily color but texture)? I've seen many answers on RealSelf saying lasers are 'useless'... READ MORE

Can 35% TCA help with shallow facial scarring?

Mild scars 1-2 small boxcars, 6-8 shallow rolling scars from picking (have OCD...but have not picked in 5 years) and a 5mm round scar from a lesion removal by curettage. I'm... READ MORE

Can a 35% TCA peel smooth out Grade II scars (mostly from picking, not acne)?

I know it won't bring back the pigment (though it may help them blend in better), but can a 35% TCA peel smooth the shallow indent? Most people don't notice them but I can see... READ MORE

Anyone do dermasanding in Toronto, Canada?

I have a couple isolated shallow scars that I think would benefit from dermasanding. In fact, I've had 3 plastic surgeons tell me that this was the way to go but they are too... READ MORE