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Reviews by IceAge

Genuine Derma Roller Treatment 5x for Scarring - Ontario, Canada

I had 5 Genuine Derma Roller treatments in 2014 to treat facial scarring (not from acne...from picking and from a lesion removal). While I saw an improvement in skin quality, it didn't do much for the scarring. There was some softening of the most recent scar but I don't think it was worth the... READ MORE

Profractional Laser Spot Treatments for Isolated Cheek and Jawline Scars - Ontario, ON

I've tried professional dermarolling and 2 rounds of subcision and filler for isolated boxcar and rolling scars on my cheeks and jawline. I didn't see much improvement. So now I'm on to spot treatments with the Sciton Profractional laser. Settings for my first treatment were 350 microns at 22%... READ MORE

Questions from IceAge

Dermaroller/Dermastamp - Am I Being Unrealistic to Expect Scar Improvement 7 Weeks After One Treatement?

7 weeks ago, I had a derma roller (1.5mm) and stamp (2.0mm) treatment - for rejuvination and about 5 isolated mild-moderate atrophic scars on my cheeks (acne + 1 mole removal).... READ MORE

Are the Results from Dermarolling/micro Needling Permanent?

For mild to moderate atrophic scarring, will the improvement last indefinitely? I see a lot of conflicting answers online, even within the medical community on real self. I... READ MORE

Should I Get a Scar Excision for Saucer Shaped, Atrophic Scars? I Think I'd Prefer a Linear Scar. (photo)

I am a recovering skin picker. I'm now left with several white, saucer shaped atrophic scars. It is a daily reminder of the pain that I went through. I realize I can't get rid... READ MORE

Is hypopigmentation inevitable with spot dermabrasion?

I have a mildly atrophic scar on my cheek (from a skin lesion removal by curettage). It really bothers me and I am considering a spot dermabrasion. To give you a sense of the... READ MORE

Would this scar benefit from a laser treatment? (photos)

If so, which type (i.e. ablative, fractional ablative, non-ablative, etc)?I have a scar from a lesion removal by currettage. It's in the middle of my cheek and I hate it.... READ MORE

Discolored Scar after curettage. What can I do?

3 weeks after a curettage, I vacationed in Mexico. Despite my best efforts to keep the new scar out of the sun, the scar is now discolored (red). What can I do about this? Is... READ MORE

Is there any benefit to performing a subcision for a non-tethered scar?

Is there any benefit to performing a subcision for a non-tethered scar? Or can I just get filler (Juvederm)? Thank you. READ MORE

If certain lasers 're-model' collagen, shouldn't they work for flat scars?

If certain lasers 're-model' collagen, shouldn't they work for flat scars (not necessarily color but texture)? I've seen many answers on RealSelf saying lasers are 'useless'... READ MORE

Can 35% TCA help with shallow facial scarring?

Mild scars 1-2 small boxcars, 6-8 shallow rolling scars from picking (have OCD...but have not picked in 5 years) and a 5mm round scar from a lesion removal by curettage. I'm... READ MORE

Can a 35% TCA peel smooth out Grade II scars (mostly from picking, not acne)?

I know it won't bring back the pigment (though it may help them blend in better), but can a 35% TCA peel smooth the shallow indent? Most people don't notice them but I can see... READ MORE

Anyone do dermasanding in Toronto, Canada?

I have a couple isolated shallow scars that I think would benefit from dermasanding. In fact, I've had 3 plastic surgeons tell me that this was the way to go but they are too... READ MORE

Recent comments from IceAge

Still happy with the treatment? What kind of improvement did you get with your acne scars? READ COMMENT

Agreed. A nurse should never be doing a fully ablative procedure. You should write a proper review and name the clinic so you can save others from falling victim. Sorry that you have to go through this. READ COMMENT

I can't believe they only numbed you for 15 minutes. That's insane! READ COMMENT

Thanks PrettyGirl. I guess there has been some mild improvement but not as much as I'd hoped. My expectations probably weren't realistic. I'm not giving up thought. Have to admit though, I think I'll move to a fractional co2 laser... READ COMMENT