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Silicone strips

Went in for upper and lower bleph and had fat transfer on lowers...i research every thing, u name it,, doctors, procedures,, but for some insane reason i didn't research bout the fat. The doctor mentioned it to me 2 days before surgery and it sounded very cost effective. I used this doctor... READ MORE

Questions from Scarletjo

Persistent Inflammation After Upper /lower Bleph Normal? (photo)

6/21/13 upper/lower bleph with canthoplasty and fat transfer to tear troughs and under eyes 7/9:13 revisional surgery to remove excess fat under right eye, left tear trough and... READ MORE

Persistant Inflammation After Upper/lower Bleph?

This is additional info from my last question i forgot to mention that my dr gave me 2.5 % hydrocortisone cream to use around my eyes to help with the inflammation and to... READ MORE

Lateral droop after upper blepharoplasty? (photo)

Upper and lower blepharospasm done 6/2013 . approx 4 months later lateral droop both upper eyes. chemical brow lift helped. didn't have this prior to surgery.. what happened???... READ MORE

Details to my first question on lateral droop after upper blepharoplasty? (photo)

Details to my first question on lateral droop.. here's a picture when I first awake.. no droop.. later in day my laterals droop as seen in pictures on initial question thank... READ MORE

Revision to trim the muscle? (photo)

It's been 6 months after lower bleph with fat grafting. I've had acouple of steroid injections to reduce some of the excess fat but at this point my dr feels that what is left... READ MORE