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Questions from Carbs

Mammogram Screening Instead of MRIs for Silicone?

I went to my first consultation for breast augmentation yesterday and after speaking with my doctor about my concern of the high price of MRI screenings for silicone implants,... READ MORE

How Many Breast Surgeries Will You Need in a Lifetime?

I continually read that implants are not a "lifetime" medical device and one should anticipate one other surgery. It seems most doctors agree that the average implant lifespan... READ MORE

Do Mentor Memory Gel Implants Need to Be Replaced Every 10 Years?

I called the Mentor company yesterday because I had some questions about their warranties. The person I spoke to, who didn't appear to be very knowledgeable about the warranty... READ MORE

Is Mentor Changing Their Warranty for Implants?

I received a pamphlet from my doctor that stated the implants are covered for the lifetime of the patient and the procedure costs only up till 10 years. I also confirmed that... READ MORE

Do Any Doctors Include Live Models/patients in Their Consultations?

Not to sound like a weirdo but I'm wondering if any doctors perhaps have a nurse or assistant that allows patients to see/touch their own augmentations. How my augmented... READ MORE

Is There Anything a Doctor Can Do to Create Under-boob That is Not Present in a Pre-op Breast? (photo)

I'm afraid that my natural breast/chest profile won't yield the aesthetic result I want. I really love breasts that have almost all their fullness/roundness at the lower pole... READ MORE

What Are the Causes of Capsular Contracture?

Are some patients more likely to develop capsular contracture than others? Is the occurence higher in saline or in silicone? After conducting my own research regarding CC, it... READ MORE

Why do I have a dent after rhinoplasty and is filler (what type) a good option for me? (photo)

I received a rhinoplasty 10 years ago and a few years after surgery I starting noticing what looked like a dent on the side of my nose. Now it looks like I have a crack across... READ MORE

Am I at higher risk for a tattoo removal scar because of the tattoo location? (Photo)

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to have a tattoo removed and went to tattoo removal consultation with a well-respected doctor in my city. He advised against the removal... READ MORE

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Thanks so much for the review. I, too, have a tattoo in the center of my chest and want to remove it for many of the same reasons you are. I was worried about potential scarring bc it is directly in the center against the chest bone... READ COMMENT

I think they are going to look fantastic. Perfect size and shape for your frame. READ COMMENT

Hi, thank you so much for your review. Your breasts are my wish breasts! I think I have a very similar frame- I am very small on top- about an A cup and I'm tired of not being able to fill out even my small bras. Having a natural... READ COMMENT

I had a consultation with Dr. Adrian Lo. He has great reviews and is very professional. Best of all, his consultations are free and pricing is extremely reasonable compared to other doctors. READ COMMENT

Hey- I'm in the Penn too and looking for a PS. Yours look amazing- who was your doc? READ COMMENT