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Merry Christmas, I had my surgery in June and still swell everyday my ps said up to one year I hope not I just know the more active I am or to much salt make a difference best wishes for a happy new year!! READ COMMENT

6 months now feeling a lot better still some swelling because I over do things around the house! I have my right side still bigger and will need proubly a repair job but hoping a few more months it finishes going down ,dr said if not he... READ COMMENT

Yay! So understand and no tummy hanging over I have to wear a belt with mine wtg!!! READ COMMENT

I feel the same ,I thought tummy tuck met, flat stomach but no flat stomach with me,I am still having swelling and some soreness once in a while, scar is reddish purple, I am 50 and had my tummy tuck 6-13 I also have a knot like ball... READ COMMENT

Hi Olivia,I have the same issues and I still not flat because of the right side I hope it doesn't stay this way!! I named mine Charlie I tell my kids it's there new brother lol! Hang in there I am trying to but it gets hard sometimes!! READ COMMENT