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Doctors never show you all their work. They only show their best work. All their nightmare jobs are hidden until the general public have internet access and websites that allow us to post our plastic surgery nightmare stories to warn... READ COMMENT

Try prescription eye drops Restasis by Allergan. I have dry eyes in my 20's and Dr. Weiss made it 2000% worst. I only need to use Restasis maybe 3 times a week. If it wasn't for it, I been living my life with eyes shut. I have... READ COMMENT

Dr. Richard Alan Weiss. Newport Beach, CA . He deleted my review on yelp 2009 and on other sites too! READ COMMENT

He denies it and all surgeons and doctors know I am telling the truth. People do not point finger to the wrong doctor. He claimed that some of his former patients are spreading very vicous lies about his work which is the truth. You... READ COMMENT

Just $700??? I saw some complaint on other sites that doctors charged this guy for $1500 and made his scar worst than better. I am going to get an online consultation with this doctor and see if he can made some of my scars less... READ COMMENT