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Asian Eyelid Surgery - Incision Technique & Epi - Beverly Hills, CA

So I have wanted double eyelid surgery for some time now, and I've just been getting by using tape. My procedure is booked for Dec 12 in 2.5 weeks! I want a medium/big? crease, and Dr. Lee says it would go well with my eyes. I am extremely nervous for the outcome of this procedure and especially... READ MORE

Questions from jaydee91

Revision Rhinoplasty to Reduce Width of Nostrils and Further Define Tip? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 1 yr ago to remove a bump, reduce the width of my nose, and define the tip. I am still not satisfied with the width of my nostrils and the tip seems bulbous... READ MORE

What is the Difference in Outcome Between a Sill Reduction and an Alar Base Reduction?

Does one technique decrease the nostril width more and make the overall base of the nose appear thinner? Also, is it popular to do a combination of both? READ MORE

Around How Much Would Narrowing the Nostrils and a Slight Tip Refinement Cost (If Possible, Under Local with Sedation)?

Could this be done under local with sedation? I have had rhinoplasty once before, and although I am content with the new shape of my nose, I still think it is a bit too wide. I... READ MORE

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Always More Expensive? (Not W/ Original PS)

Is revision rhinoplasty always more expensive than primary rhinoplasty when going to a new PS? I understand that it would be more expensive if the revision rhinoplasty was to... READ MORE