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Smart Lipo of Saddle Bag Area

Only two weeks out but my bags are gone. Just a bit of swelling left to leave. I'm wearing a compression garment that's comfortable. I'm wearing it beyond the required two weeks as I want the best outcome. Not very painful, just tender. Iced alot and took Tylenol 3. Still is tender, but off... READ MORE

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I have the 410 in FX as well, though just 360cc. Over muscle in July'13. Sometimes they feel too big. You look awesome. READ COMMENT

Hang in there, this feeling of regret, which is one of the worst emotions ever, hopefully will lessen as you adjust to your new look. I'm not a hey, look at me, type of individual either, and I'm working on dealing with my slightly too... READ COMMENT

Hi again, I think you'd be okay by day 9, as long as your bra is very supportive, in other words, they should pretty much be immobilized. As long as they are safe and secure from movement, bumps and jostling, you'll be golden. At... READ COMMENT

Hi nice to see others getting the anatomical implants too. I had surgery in Toronto on July 18, received Allergan 410 FX360. When I was picking out the size, they had already narrowed my choices down for me, so much so... READ COMMENT

They are anatomical, or tear drop shaped, correct? I have the anatomical, 360 over the muscle, 3 weeks ago. Mine were huge too,and looked so swollen, just like yours. If you have a hematoma, it should be drained, you are right. I... READ COMMENT