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I've already been visited by prof. Klinger in Milan. He was ready to perform a second rhino after 6 mounths post-op. It was to afterword I met this unknown doc from the province of Parma and I liked him very much. I'm having... READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm from north of Italy and I had a bad experience as well. My doc was not a plastic surgeon but a otorino. My nose was long and the bridge quiete thick. He perfomed a nose with large and long nostrils and a big identation on the... READ COMMENT

I don't think your nose is bad. The side view is great and the shape looks natural. My experience is worst cause i've got big nostrials left and the new doc I saw told me there is no hope to reduce them. READ COMMENT

You are very funny. It's the best temper to have before the surgery. Dif you doctor explaind to you what's the arnica pills for? I had just cream and I don't know why I put it on my nose yet! I put huge quantity on and my little... READ COMMENT

Did you have Arnica pills or cream? I had arnica creat to put on the nose after the operetion. Everything you describe sounds very professional I rekon you choose the best!! See your photos soon!!! The recovery will be very easy. For my... READ COMMENT