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I've Decided Yes, I'm Going to Do It ...- Toronto, ON

Well, right or wrong for good or evil I have decided I would like to have breast implants. I am 37 years old, I have 3 kids (twins). I'm sad that I've always been embarrassed by my 34A's but it's true - I have been my whole life. As a teen, young adult, wife, mother. So, today I booked the date.... READ MORE

Botox Was Kind of Silly …. -Toronto, ON

So, I've always wondered - what would it be like. In a weak moment I paid $560 and got it done on my forehead. Now I finally get it. It doesn't really change anything - it freezes the forehead from moving - why did this not resonate before? So, if I try to remember to not wrinkle my forehead and... READ MORE

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If Botox Relaxes the Muscles Wouldn't They Become Weaker?

One would think that muscles that go unused for a period of time would become weaker causing wrinkles to actually get worse hen the botox wears off, they haven't been working... READ MORE

Will I Still Be Able to Do Yoga and All the Movements After my BA?

I am quite advanced with my yoga practise, and I love it. I do hot yoga and Ashtanga, I am certified to teach also. Arm balances, inversions - will this change after my BA... READ MORE

Botox Spreading?

I recently read on RealSelf a woman was confined to a wheel chair from the effects of Botox. On Allergan's website it says that there is a chance it could spread (which I think... READ MORE

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Is it worth it

Terrified of the surgery (not because of pain) excited about the results. Have been flat chested my whole life, 3 kids (single and twins) what throws me is the fact the... READ MORE

What about scarring?

Did you go under the breast or thru the armpit and did it go away? :( My doctor has great reviews for limited scarring, I'm just afraid ... and what will I tell me daughter? READ MORE

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Hello LL2! I am doing very well! I wildest a picture soon. All has gone great. I'm very happy with my revision and care with the surgeon! Thank you so much for reaching out and keeping in touch ;) READ COMMENT

Good Luck! You will get exactly what you want, I am sure! READ COMMENT

You should definitely wait until you are healed!!! I have no issue with chatarunga at all. Definitely not planks either. I know there was a sensation in the beginning but there is no issue anymore. Maybe I'm using my arms and abs more... READ COMMENT

Absolutely! I am still very advanced Yoga and Ashtanga, I was worried for a bit in chatarunga but for no reason at all. I' coming up to my year anniversary and can wrap both legs behind my head :) so no issue with flexibility or my... READ COMMENT