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450cc HP Saline - Houston, TX

I have always wanted breast implants, I mean literally since I was 8 years old! :) Ever since I turned 18, I have been researching surgeons and critically looking over hundreds of before and after pics. Now that I work at a upper scale club as a waitress and make a good amount of money, I... READ MORE

Houston Rhinoplasty - Houston, TX

Hello there :) I had breast implants a couple months ago and chose a prefect surgeon for my boobs, and get compliments and able to refer him almost DAILY! (Refer to my breast implant review) Noses weren't his specialty, he does 5 star body-work so I had to search on for a doc for my nose bc they... READ MORE

Questions from Delta20

Do Ultra-high Profile Implants Cause a Shelf Look?

Hi, I am having 500cc saline implants done in 8 weeks. For my profession (and my own preference) I wanted to go as big as I could. Since I have a 30" ribcage, my doc... READ MORE

Why Do Implants, When Initially "Dropping", Sometimes Drop Below the Muscle, Needing Revision?

I know that once you get your breast implants, they say it take around 3 months for your implants to "Drop" & "fluff" looking more natural. (Speaking of sub-muscular... READ MORE

Tightness on Inside of Breast when I Laugh, Cough, or Move Around.. Capsular Contracture?

From the day of surgMy R breast hurt worse. Now it's 2 wks post op and on the inside of my breast (near sternum) I feel this tightness going vertically when I laugh, cough or... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op. Tightness on Inner Breast... Early CC? (photo)

My R breast has been much more sure since day 1. Now, I am 2 wks post op and have this trange vertical tightness on my inner R breast near sternum. I feel it most when I am... READ MORE

Inframmary Scar Raised and Feels Bumpy? (photo)

Hello DRS, thank you for reading my question. I had my BA submuscularly 3 weeks ago. My L breast scar is thin and smooth. My R breast scar is like that on half of the scar, but... READ MORE

Veneers before or after wisdom teeth extraction?

When I was 15 I had braces put on, and 3 months later my front R tooth went gray. The dentist told me that I must of had an injury when I was younger, and when the braces moved... READ MORE

Left Breast not Dropping, or CC? (photo)

Hi, I had my saline implants submusc 5 months ago. They looked perfectly even until a month or 2 ago. Now the L one is slightly firmer and higher and my nipples are uneven.... READ MORE

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Thank you! My L one feels normal and my R is still alittle over sensitive, but getting better. I got feeling back period about 2 months ago :) READ COMMENT

Thank you! I am so happy :) All very worth it READ COMMENT

Thank you!! :) READ COMMENT

I personally think they look great. You did get a large implant but at least the nipples are perky (facing up) nothing is worse that torpedo boobs! Also, it all depends on your anatomy. How mch tissue you had to begin with, they... READ COMMENT

Looks great!! Very smooth and even looking too. READ COMMENT