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Jaw Surgery 1 Year After Accutane

I had a course of accutane which ended a year ago(may2012). The treatment lasted for a year, I took 30mg a day for 6 months and then slowly decreased the dosage until I got to... READ MORE

Ex Smoker and Rhinoplasty?

Are 2 months of not smoking enough before rhinoplasty? I have been a smoker for 6 years and I never plan to start again, but I worry that I quit too late. Are there still risks... READ MORE

4th day post op congestion in only one nostril?

I had an open rhinoplasty (crooked nose+ reduction) + deviated septum correction. My nose feels stuffy all the time, but I know that's normal. However, I can now breathe with... READ MORE

Is my nasal bridge too high post op? (photo)

The 1st picture is what I showed to my surgeon I wanted, the 2nd is what it looks now-1 week post op.It seems to me that the bridge is too high, which makes the nose look too... READ MORE

Bigger nose after reduction rhinoplasty?

I saw my nose right after the cast was removed and it was awful- REALLY big and ugly. Will it shrink or was it already small because it had been hold into place by the cast and... READ MORE

What can I do about my botched nose job? I feel like I ruined my life.11 days post op. (photo)

I took my cast off yesterday and as soon as I saw my nose I knew I had made the biggest mistake ever. My nose wasn't the prettiest before surgery but at least it suited my face... READ MORE

Is it swelling or do I need a revision? The radix (nasion) and tip look awful. 3 weeks post op. (photo)

I feel like my nose has a very unnatural shape. Is this some sort of deformity? I think I need a nasion (radix) reduction, since my nose looks like it starts from the eyebrows.... READ MORE