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When Dissolving Juvederm Lumps from Bad Technique, How Long Before You Can Get Juvederm Injected Again?

A board certified plastic surgeon who injected 1 juvederm syringe into my deep nasolabial folds used bad technique resulting in 4 small visible sized lumps by my nares. His... READ MORE

If You Use Hyaluronidase to Dissolve a Juvederm Lump, Does It Only Dissolve the Lump or Does It Travel and Undo Everything?

When using hyaluronidase to dissolve a lump, does it only dissolve the lump or is there a risk of it dissolving other areas also? Having a visible lump is bad enough but I... READ MORE

Disappointing outcome after Restylane injected in tear troughs. Discoloration with a pronounced groove. What happened? (Photo)

Restylane seems to have made tear troughs worse. First two pictures are pre. Second picture is 3 days after 1 syringe of restylane injected by an experienced board certified... READ MORE